Sunday, December 31


how do we say goodbye to a whole year?
in the best ways we know how-
that entails eating a LOT of awesome stuff as hard and fast as we can...
last night,
it was the final pizza party of 2017,
and it was a bangin' brouhaha of flavors, bro.
three pizzas.
three definitely distinct themes.
a triple threat of triple-treats,
and everybody agreed,
it was tight, TILTY, and expert af.
word up.
i don't know about y'all,
but we F*ing love that pee eye zee zee ayy!!!!
check the teleport:

black beans over crushed tomatoes and daiya cheddar chee',
red onion, grilled sweet corn, grape tomatoes, spinach,
sweet rings of tiny peppers, and cilantro to garnish;
plus a dope dose of fried garlic sprankles,
because rules is rules...
the crust is, as always, a semi-semolina slab of superb sexxxiness.
i like olive oil, i like salt, i like wheat, and i like yeast,
so really, it's no surprise that i like this dough.
i added a bit of wheat gluten to it,
in anticipation of the soul-sucking cold
that's seeping into the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress
being responsible for retarding the rise-up of my floury jauns,
and a little exxxtra stretch being required.
the crusts were perfection, after baking in a 485℉ convection.
of course,
there were MORE pizzas, too.

salt-and oil-roasted potatoes!
daiya mozzarella!!
braised broccoli bits!
a few tomatoes for color,
those garlic jauns, and a caramelized onions to turn up the taste to eleven.
(it worked.)
some of you may be saying:
but, that's all fine and everything, but what about an asian-inspired pizza?
hold on.
i got you covered, kids.
check the cauli-wobble-type teleport:

holy sh!t this one's a live wire on the streets!!!
watercress tossed in sesame oil is tight.
mae ploy chili sweet chili sauce turns that in the right direction.
green onions go great alongside those flavors,
and then,
if you think you're ready,
you've GOT to activate some sesame-seared, soy-glazed cauliflower.
that's word, neighbors.
seared in sossamon oil, splashed with soy, and steamed, covered, until sorta soft,
then blasted with toasted seed sprankles.
it's so good, you'll pass out.
did i forego chee'?
no worries, it was amazing anyway.
pea tendrils on top?
F* yeah!
AND garlic sprankies....
i mean, c'mon, kiddo-
too much is the right amount.
that means activating all that good stuff all at once in one place.
but, for realsies, tho-
we totally dominated THREE PIZZAS,
all different, all dope, all for us, in a row.
that's family togetherness, bro.
we doo-doo that sort of freaky-diki sh!t.
honestly, i don't know if we could've picked a favorite.
then again,
we don't play favorites.
instead, we just go all in on everything expert...
harvest, maple, kayla, and i.
that was the final pizza night lineup.
oh, right-
crabtree was here, too,
snuffling underfoot in the hopes of vacuuming a morsel or two.
he's opportunistic.
i'm a reckless mise en place coordinator.
it's a perfect match.
we all enjoyed each others' company.
dinnertime is where we all meet up, and recap the adventures, or lack thereof,
that compose our day.
it's also where we come together and share a common experience as a cohesive unit.
i love that.
now, as we exit this year, and our new years eve traditions all unfold,
we're getting ready.
for a big fire.
for radical  homemade vegan sushi.
for movies.
for sparkling cider, because it's cooler NOT to drink.
for a new calendar and a new year.
we start it correctly, because we start it together.
this is it.
the last one.
the final throes.
it's ending, so it can all begin again.
i hope you're ready, because it's coming in hot, on this cold cold night;
never auld, never lang syne;

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