Tuesday, December 26


early morning.
tiny, merry, bright bright bright strings of lights.
and warm candles crackling and flickering.
ribbons, bows, baskets, boxes, and stockings.
that's what's good.
snow outside falling fast.
warm blueberry muffins baking in the oven.
coffee, tea, and a terrier.
y'know what that sounds like?
it sounds a whole helluva lot like Xmas, to me.
i mean, really, what else do you need?
oh, right.
it does help a little tiny bit if you've got somebody to span that time with...
word up.
that makes sense, i s'pose.
you wouldn't just want to wrap a bunch of sh!t you got for yourself, would you?
you already know what it IS, and that's no fun at all.
kayla woke up all-the-way-ready for a crucial crimbo celebration,
and she brought a surprisingly heavy dose of cheer and spirit to the party with her.
i was impressed.
christmas is sort of a trial, is't it?
you either have that holiday hottness bubbling up from deep within,
or you're busy making excuses about why you don't.
i've got a wellspring drawing from a limitless aquifer of level-eleven give-a-F*ery,
and it drives me forward into Xmas, and then on again to XImas,
back to back.
that's two christmases, man.
shoutouts to divorce for making that possible!!
at any rate,
the holiday was here.
the muffins were delightful,
and the presents?
well, the presents were totally and completely expert.
rules is rules in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
and rule one for christmastime is:
too much is the right amount.
that means color-coordinated triple-paper wrap-ups,
and thiqqq heapsof well-prepared parcels and sh!t, too.
no shystie piles will be permitted under the tree, 
lest you desire persecution for poor preparation.
that's real.
the good-good is all we want.
and that's what we need.
this year?
well, it was MUCH better than last, that's for sure.
check the crim'boromir-type teleport:
hearth and home and tree and me and you and us....
cast iron, brick, mortar, timber, and light.
what's better that that?
did you just say presents?
ha!......you're right, that IS better!
no way.
i would never use baby-b!tchbag whimsical-picture-print paper!!
that's not my jauns, bro.
go easy.
i'm not bragging or nuthin', 
but take a look at how well this lovely young lady brought the heat for y'boi:
that's tight.
and while we're on the subject,
i'm no slouch, not now, nor ever, so i wasn't sweating it either, neighbors:
that sparkle is essential.
the very best part?
every single thing was thoughtful, and custom-tailored to each other's tastes.
there were no off-notes or bummer presents.
only expert-level hot fire for and from the both of us.
that's rare.
and it was pretty freakin' nice.
the other best part?
today is XImas!!!
in just a short bit, i'll be round-trippin' through the woodsly goodness,
down into the bellyhole of butt-blastin' boston suburbs, 
and on through to the center of massachusetts to collect harvest and maple
for a whole other 'nother 'nother celebration!!!
i'm so excited that a second christmas is about to pop off!!
it's ALL really happening.
the giving, the getting,
the time-spanning,
the family togetherness....
i'm grateful for all of it,
and i'd be a big fat liar if i said it didn't make me feel pretty damned good.
there's more to the story, including the recipe for those muffins,
and a detailed tale of christmas pot pie,
but a this moment,
there's no time for that......
it will wait, and we'll resume where we've left off.
until then;
never quiet, never soft.....

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