Monday, July 10


black rice ramen noods!!!
hell yeah!
i've had 'em before,
and you've seen 'em once or twice,
harvest and maple and i got into some bigger blacker badassery last night,
and it was TILTY AF!
in a marginally-united teamworked effort,
we got pretty expert,
and upgraded your average noodle bowl into some seriously more exciting sh!t.
i mean it.
anybody can have noods and broth.
heck, they make those instantaneous jauns already ready to rehydrate.
i personally don't eff with that, but there's clearly a need for noods in a hurry.
we were all pretty hungry, but no much so that we needed the fast and spurious ones.
we took the extra ten minutes,
and made some magical family togetherness dinnertime interactive participation.
that's a good way to appreciate the team, man.
i had boiling water ready to blacktivate those noodoos.
i had some sweet and sour broth bubbling for the pour-over takeover.
and i had tofu getting all sorts of golden in hot hot HOT unrefined coconut oil.
and on top of all THAT,
i had the fresh veggie game poppin' off like nutrients from the future-
look, neighbors-
it's probably better if you just check the damned teleport:

y'like that?
yeah. me too.
want the rundown?
it's like this:
1/2 small onion, minced;
1 stalk celery, thinly bias-sliced;
1 T sesame oil;
^saute the veg for two minutes on high heat, then add:
3 cups of broth;
2 T soy sauce;
3 T rice wine vinegar;
4 T mae ploy SAUCE;
GPOP, black pepper, ground mustard;
1 lg. clove garlic, sliced into 1/8" rounds.
keep that all on a low simmer until serving time.
the tofu is lterally two ingredients.
tofu, and coconut oil.
it cooks until all the sides are crispy.
the best part?
the insides stay soft!
it's terrific, and it's quick, and it's so simple anybody can do it.
i believe in you, dudes!
there's also baby bok choy in there.
two heads of that, wilted in the same pan the tofu just got crisped up in,
with a few dashes of soy sauce, until the greens get floppy,
but the stalks are still crawnchy!!
that's all you need to make those jauns the best butteriest baby babies in the bowl.
from there, it's a simple assembly, really.
noods, cooked for like, six minutes or whatever,
plus a scoop of broth over the top, with the onion and celery soupily ploppin' on top-
then, MORE noods;
the bok choy gets tossed in right at this point, then a little more broth......
and then ALLLLL that fresh veggie flavor for your face!
pea shoots!!!
purple carrot!!!!
jalapeno slices!!!!!
purple cabbage shreds!!!!!!
and those TOFU triangles!!!!!!!
cilantro sprankles!
scallion sprankles!
two-tone sesame sossamon sprankles!
and just to make it look sexxxy as heck: those rad reddened microgreens!!!
wordimus prime.
we're on some fresh-to-death family dinnertime enjoyment sh!t up here.
that's right.
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress is alive!
there're daughters and dog and dinner all thriving and surviving within the walls
and haunted halls of our epic wizard museum.
it's all pretty rad, and it's all about being present and accountable, as well as counted on.
two more days with these dudes.
that's what i get.
and while that's not nearly enough time,
it is all that there's likely to be.
that means we've got to pack a whole helluva lotta goodness into the next 48.
because after that,
it's back to the shadows and the dirge of hermit livin' for your boy.
it's cool.
because there's still two days of doings to get underway.
i won't be the one to ruin what time we have left.
in fact,
i'm only interested in making all of it more awesome.
that's a fact.
our time together is valuable, because it is limited and exclusive.
we're a luxury, bro,
and we're a miracle.
i believe in those;
never quiet, never soft.....

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