Saturday, July 29


i'm on that taco gordo jaun, guys.
i want 'em exxxtra fat.
like, full AF.
like, they'd easily shatter some budget-A* crunchy sh!y-shell lames.
like, they're stretching the soft flour freshness to it's limit.
like, too much is the right amount.
y'feel me?
well, then check the teleport,
and get on board the loco gordo explosion, bro:

homemade seitan, on that spicy asada activation,
because that's my favorite taco filling, and i had all the ingredients to make it happen.
sauteed with onion, in piping hot oil,
so that the crispy edges have that caramelized magic conjured up
in true pure-being interconnectedness with the kitchen spirits an' that.
and i mean,
if you're truly gittin' it,
then you're using smoked paprika, oregano, cumin,
cayenne, GPOP, a dash of thyme, coriander seed,
and LOVE, son.
the love is what turns it up to eleven.
i'm serious.
take a closer look:

c'mon, neighbors.
that's lettuce AND purple cabbage!
that's chipotle-seared sweet corn,
with red pepper flakes AND fire-roasted tomato sprankles!
i had rice, for exxxtra-fattness.
and sweet yellow bell pepper pieces for crawnch.
and red onion bits for even MORE crawnch.
and tomatoes, because that's what you do when you do tacos, man,.
uh huh.
rules is rules.
but then,
i kicked into full expert mode,
and hit up those pepitas, fried with black pepper and agave!
my sprankle game is elite and sh!t. kids.
last, but not least, i had that cashew/lime sour 'cream' for drizzlin'.
that's soaked cashews and lime juice and salt and coriander.
just tossed together and processed until it was all kinds of creamy and delicious-
that's 1 cup soaked cashews;
4 tsp lime juice (1 1/2 limes);
1 dash of coriander;
a drop of water;
a crystal or two of salt;
and a giant smile on your face when you taste it.
tacos are dope, man.
that's a thing.
refritas are the BEST!!!
refried beans are on the list of awesome things, up near the tippity top.
and when they've got extra onion, and buttery earth balance,
and nootch to boost the creaminess,
and GPOP to elevate the flavor profile,
and ho'sauce to heat things up properly?
if you're not about THAT, you ain't about that guap,
and if it ain't about guap, i'm gone.
except, that's for serious.
i've run out of morning, again.
i guess that's sort of my new thing.
time to get ot and hike with this dog-beast,
and then go get hype at the OLD tattoo studio,
so i can go get even MORE hype at the new new super-hottness.
it's all unfurling into a bigger better future,
and it's all really happening.
that's the whole point;
never quiet, never soft.....

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