Saturday, July 8


between the full moon and the concentration of italiano DNA
in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
i'm on some other other sh!t.
that's the truth.
it's a synergy of external sources acting on inherent tendencies,
and it's got me craving pasta!
werewolfen lupe-lupe berserkers need those carbs, son-
lest they run out of steam whilst ranging far and wise amongst the moonbeams.
can you feel it like we do?
the magnetic pull and push of iron and silver and blood?
i mean,
if you know about it, you know about it,
and if you don't believe in it?
well, that's your prerogative,
you won't be winning any points around these parts with that attitude.
we're all together, my kids an i,
and our interwoven infinite nature has got the three of us,
and crabtree,
all fired up on some molto-amore-type family interactive participation.
as in-
we all got involved with dinner,
and we all terrorized a shark-gluttonous level of that tasty business;
then we all went for a walk in town-
struttin' and stuntin' on vacation-town main street;
and we unwound and relaxed with a music-and-scenery car ride afterwards,
through the forested hills and mountainous passes of this summer paradise.
we're loud and fresh and that's the truth,
some might say it's a stereotype,
but it was better than stereo, because there's THREE of us.
those girls got me on some pasta+ prep, and that was fresh and loud, too.
homemade pasta pouches are a MIRACLE.
that's word.
check the big-barbarian-berserker-bowl-type teleport:

damn, friends.
we had it going off, we got it going on, we got it together and we got it poppin' too.
there ain't no party like a tortellini party,
because that sh!t is an involved process, and parties are usually more organic than that.
everything about this is expert.
and while there are a lot of components,
none of them is prohibitively difficult.
i'm serious.
for example:
the broth is totally effin' simple:
1/2 sweet onion, diced and caramelized in 2 T olive oil;
3 T thinly sliced & halved yellow carrot discs;
1 tsp oregano;
black pepper;
6 cups of veggie broth.
( i also added in some garlic oil, after i fired up some garlic spranks)
that's one component.
another was the pasta dough-
1 cup a.p. white flour, sifted;
3/4 tsp salt;
3/4 cup semolina flour;
2-3 T olive oil;
3/4 cup warm water.
^c'mon, bruhbruh, that's so easy!
knead it into a smooth stickyish ball, and let it rest for jjust a few minutes.
roll it out thin AF,.
and cut yourself some circles or squares, about 2" apiece-
fill with 1/4 tsp of stuffin',
fold, flip, and pinch the edges inward, like hugging arms.
and what was inside these saucy little dumpies?
tofu and nootch, for starters, plus all the exxxtra extras:
saute, in molto olive oil, 1/2 minced sweet onion,
and 1/2 small yellow carrot, finely chopped into itty-bits;
add 1/3 block firm tofu;
1/4 cup nutritional yeast;
2 cloves crushed garlic...
deglaze with 2 T red wine vinegar-
and season with:
GPOP, parsley, sage, rubbed rosemary, thyme. oregano, basil,
black pepper and pink salt.
add in some chopped baby kale, a decent  handful,
and wilt that right on down into little shreds,
and let all of it cool off for a bit.
hot filling makes melted dumps, and melted dumps are failed dumps.
be patient.
maybe fry up some garlic,
chop some parsley,
blacken a few tomatoes.
i sizzled up my 'matoes in the garlic-infused oil!
then, i drizzled the oil in the broth!!
then, i added some earth balance butterish,
and browned it, with some fresh small whole sage leaves!!!
how much expertism can evolve from one pan?
at least three tiers, it would seem.
it's important to rest your room-temperature tortellini, prior to boiling.
that way, the dough is firm, and the float factor is high,
and the whole texture/flavor ratio is superior.
that's real.
i boil 'em separate, and add 'em to the broth.
ok. OK. actually, i add a few first, as a foundation,
then pour over the broth, and add MORE on top of that,
before the onlsaught of extra-garnishy. goodness complicates and fancifies
the whole surface of the thing.
here's the run down:
torties and broth.
baby kale leaves.
fried garlic sprankles.
parsley sprankles.
fire-roasted tomato sprankles.
red & gold blackened baby tomatoes.
brown buttered sage.
does that seem like a lot to you?
you must not be an italian werewolf ,then.
here's the thing:
too much is the right amount.
and if you're gonna be a big-timer in the fresh pasta dinner scene,
y'can't come through on some diaperbaby sh!t, fella.
i must've made almost sixty tortellini....
and they were all gone in six minutes.
we go hard on earth.
and now, somehow it's saturday.
time sure does fly by.
and we're on the precipice of a full moon,
i can feel it buzzing and humming all around me.
those lunar laserbeams are no joke.
i'm certain that the spirit and memory of me and mine
will turn right on up to eleven in the blue light of the night sky.
after all,
rules is rules,
ans we're determined to maximize each and every minute
of our limited family togetherness, getting while the getting is good,
and making sure we span our time with intention and appreciation.
i'm psyched on these young adults, man.
right now, at this time, they're genuinely good people,
and i'm grateful for the opportunity to contribute to that in whatever ways i can.
it's ALL really happening,
too quickly, but with unrivaled quality.
it's not where and when, but how we do what we do that counts;
never quiet, never soft.....

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