Friday, July 7


we repped that mucha lucha libre on our mouths last night.
that's real.
the kids suggested super nachos for supper-
and that was something we could all support and stand behind 100%.
that's exactly what the eff we did!
when it's time to bring the noise to the boys,
we're a mutha-flippin' stomp-the-yard pep squad from the 'hood, SON!!!
check the loud-fresh-hardness-for-your-face-type teleport:

who's got the special delivery loveliness in the form of luxurious cornelius chips?
it's me, bro.
we got those exxxpen$ive jauns- the thiqqq ones, in red AND gold.
was it worth it? ....ab-so-LUTE-ly.
y'build your foundation out of majesty, your fortress is more majestic,
it's as simple as that.
we knew they were expert, even though we covered and concealed
almost every inch in delicious stuffs!
word up.
there's a heavy layer of daiya cheddar, and another layer of daiya mozzarella,
followed by those blarpity blops of refried beans.
the fat-freedom of a can of premades is nice, but it lacks the activated excellence
of your boy albie rock's patented nootch-boosted new hottness.
that's when you saute the sh!t out of a few tablespoonfuls of onions,
in a BIG pat of earth balance butterish,
and upgrade the whole mess with GPOP and cracked black peps,
and a dash of ho'sauce,
and a punch of nutritional yeast to turn it up to eleven.
so, there's that.
and then a few handfuls of black beans ,as well.
beans are good for you, if you're good, too.
then the big action really got underway.
fire-roasted green chilis.
red taco SAUCE and green taco SAUCE,
sliced black olives.
red and gold tomatoes, to match the chips.
a little MORE chee'-
because too much is the right amount, friends.
......and that's when the freaky-diki doodiecrankles all showed up:
white onion sprankles!
fried garlic sprankles!
they got baked at 400℉, for something like 15-20 minutes,
and when they popped out?
cilantro sprankles!!
scallion sprankles!!
and last, but totally the encore showstoppin' highlight of the whole dang thing:
a little lime to get it TILTY AF,
and we had ourselves something worth sharing...
and we devoured the whole tray in like, ten minutes, tops.
that's two bags of chips, two pots of beans, allllll those fixin's, gone with the quickness.
oh, well, yes-
i DO mess around with parchment.
it's really nice. and it's classier than foil,
and it cleans up in one crumple.
well, yeah, we could've used some vegan sour creaminess,
but, like, i wanted rainbows withOUT clouds, kiddo
...don't dim my shine, bro.
that's not cool
super nachos are the truth.
and all other nachos are fibs.
today is the day.
the kids can take the car and go on their own adventures.
they're plenty big enough to do stuff without me, and now they're gonna.
it's weird being on the periphery of their development into people.
i have some influence, but largely,
it's just my infinite nature coded into their cells that affects their progress,
and the crackery weridos from their extra-white suburban world are
influencing them with nurture and nerdture and 'culture'.
at least i can allow them some measure of freedom,
so long as they remember to pick me up from work, y'know?
y'can't leave me hangin', and expect the big fun to remain available.
today is the day.
like i said.
the trial run.
the initial offering.
the first time they get to experience the woodsly goodsly white mountains
completely on their own terms.
so, now, lets see how far these crabby crabapples fell from the tree,
and if crabtree can endure a day without them torturing him.
it's all about to really happen,
and i'm excited about the prospects it holds for all of us;
never quiet, never soft.....

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