Wednesday, July 12


the big bye-bye is in effect, and in just a little bit-
like,  a few tics and maybe a tock,
we'll be packed up and headed back to the waterbabyish weak sauce
of the non-woodsly goodness.
here's the thing:
i miss my kids when they're sleeping,
let alone when they're hundreds of miles away.
before all that sad sh!t starts seepin' into today,
there's the huge awesomeness of yesterday to discuss.
because yesterday,
we feasted like ferocious, fresh, furious, fateful fȇte-full friends.
because no goodbye is any good at all,
unless there's RADICAL expert VEGAN SUSHI on the menu!
real talk.
after all, almost ANYbody can bake a cake.
i mean, c'mon-
seriously, i'm good for a couple a week all by myself,
and that's just because i like the stuff.
to commemorate and competently communicate the import of true appreciation,
it takes a worthy warrior poet, with intent and inventiveness,
incentive and initiative to really go over to that exxxtra exxxxtra,
and really turn up the fond farewells to eleven.
...and i'm just the sunovab!tch to undertake that project,
because i appreciate these kids,
and i think that it's important to let mutha-'uckers know just how much they matter.
to that end,
how could anybody who knows anything about anything
underestimate and/or misunderstand how important they are
when there's ten magical maki rolls,
AND three hard-style elite colorways of nigiri?!
damned straight, neighbors.
when it's time to show gratitude and generosity,
and to cultivate benevolent spirit and memory
for my two most favoritests: harvest, and maple,
i will NOT be caught slippin'.
and i mean that from the bottom-most basement levels of my heart and sh!t.
let your eyes soak in the hottness, via the rools-on-rolls-type teleport:

we really do the things we do as hard as we can!
and you KNOW i repped my custom signature green roll like i had something to prove.
i HAD to.
i mean,
patti and dennis were over, too,
and i can't not bring the noise when there's a first-timer being initiated
into the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress's upper-tier sushi situation.
check it:

bamboo rice! mucho macho matcha mayo!!
cucumber, asparagus, avocado, baby kale, pea shoots, and cilantro!!!
that's the big action,
but it isn't ever the only action.
no way.
too much is the right amount,
and that's twice as true when it's a sushi party.
i got home, and made four pots of rice.
that's right.
green, beet/carrot-dyed pink, and two whites.
all told it took about two hours,
and that's with my mise en place completed earlier in the day.
what's that, now?
was it worth it?
don't be dumb.
OBVI, it was worth it.

that turmeric/smoked-paprika mayo is the TRUTH!
and that broth-boiled tapioca pearl roe remains a stroke of inspiration
which steadily keeps me optimistic about vegan sushi's relevance to the world.
and there's still MORE:

how about that reverse roll?
with those two-tone sossamon sprankles??
rules is rules,
and without both sauce and spranks,
you aren't truly doing the thing.
in fact, if you aren't doing it to eleven,
you're dismissed from duty, and can definitely go F* right off.
that's real.
is that it?
no way.
we didn't even discuss those baked beet and tofu nigir!!!
check the teleport:

we did the thing.
and we did it right.
and we spanned valuable time, as a team.
that's what it's all about.
not the part where i made everybody leave the room.
not the part where i had to shoot the pics in artificial light because it took forever.
it's about coming together for shared experiences.
it's about creating beauty in function and form in food.
we gotta eat, or we die.
we choose to eat beautifully, and that's an important distinction.
we're worth it.
the family togetherness is worth it.
the time and space we share is worth it.
i know i'm lucky,
and i hope i made my guests and my girls feel it as much as i do.
it's all really happening,
and i'm grateful for every moment of time that continues to be spanned;
never quiet, never soft.....

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