Monday, July 17


ohhhhhh snap
it's been a wild weekend of work, work, and more work,
and late late nights and early early mornings,
and long dog walks and intense really real talks;
and big moves and small victories;
and fat tips from skinny people and no tips from big'uns...
it's ALL really happening.

that's a picture of some cookies,
because far too few of you actually like when there are too many words on here.
for realsies.
but, back to the world of the woodsly goodness-
the studio has been so super-mobbed that i barely have a minute to catch my breath.
tatts on tatts on tatts-
with more and more of 'em piling in every damned day.
that's a good thing, guys...
busy is better than slow,
and being harried and hurried and overworked
is better than spanning lazy days in a lootless movie-check-free space.
that's no joke.
here's the thing:
i've somehow got to be in two places at once,
and i still don't know how to subdivide myself into equal parts.
instead, i have rely on worthy warrior poets and active participants
for all the in-betweens and collaterals that i can't be present for.
i have good friends.
how weird is that?
and the best part?
because i'm such a limited edition elitist,
all the friends i have are all absolutely expert.
plus, when they say they'll be around, they ARE.
look, neighbors,
ANYbody can bobblehead around being nice to EVERYbody-
of course,
if you're like that, it doesn't really count, does it?
think about it, man-
that means everything awful is the same as everything amazing,
and that elevates turds, and dims the stars.
doing that might make you kind of an A*-hole with a smiley face.
oh, don't worry, duders, i'm NOT about that sh!t.
in fact,
i'm positively discriminatory when it comes to who's ON the list,
and who won't ever be considered for entry .
y'gotta be dope, or you're not invited.
so the fact that i have these few helpful, present, involved active participants
is just about the best news out there at this point in time.
yesterday, my friend dennis had a berfday.
and that's pretty cool, because he's pretty cool.
i'm pretty effin' lucky to have family members like him.
and when i say family, i mean it like: the manson family, obvi.
it's just that those closest to me matter more than ordinary average everyday regulars-
and that's how family is s'posed to work, isn't it?
i'm not exactly sure, honestly, but i think that's it.
i'm lucky, and i know it.
i'm so crushed underneath the slipping sands of the hourglass that i haven't found time
to do all the things i'd like to,
but i will.
and that means all the berfdays get a cake,
and all the candles get lit.
and all the dinner parties get thrown,
and the fires burn and the days unfold on dotted ley lines of spirit and memory
and all of that gets recorded for posterity and prosperity right here.
here's that cookie recipe.
preheat your oven to 375℉.
in a medium bowl, cream together with your trusty pastry cutter:
1/2 cup brown sugar;
1/2 cup raw sugar;
1 stick (8T) earth balance butterish;
1/2 tsp salt;
1 T lemon zest;
1 tsp lemon extract;
1 tsp vanilla.
^to that tasty mush, you'll need to sift in:
2 1/2 cups a.p. flour;
1 tsp baking powpow;
1 tsp baking soda;
1 T lemon juice;
and maybe a little more lemon zest.
if it's tooo crumbly, add a little agave, or more lemon juice, a little at a time.
you don't want mud, you want putty, y'feel me?
knead that into a shiny smooth dough, and rest it, wrapped in plastic,
for at least an hour, or overnight, if you're good at planning.
i rolled and cut 'em out, and got more than four dozen 2 1/2" circles.
sure, they were like 1/4" thick, but they were 100% delicious.
baked for 11 minutes,
they're crisp AF, and snappier than your mean aunt.
you can eat 'em as is, and they're great.
i had a whole bunch of frosting in the fridge,
so i used all of that,
and added those powdery sugary sprankles, too.
after all, too much is the right amount.
why have just plain jauns when you can have that multiflavorful freshness for your face?
MORE deliciousness is clearly better.
that's what i'm sayin'!
so, today is full.
and tomorrow, too.
i gotta get while the gettin' is good,
before i gotta get the the eff out of there.
there's a time and place for everything,
and i think it's about to be albie rock o'clock;
never quiet, never soft.....

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