Friday, July 7


breakfast at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress is something special.
even when it's sort of simple,
it's still a heck of a big deal.
that's the truth.
and when the kids are around-
as in: MY kids; as in: harvest and maple-
we have to have certain special things as a matter of tradition.
at least, i feel like it's imperative,
and am compelled to initiate a protocol for participatory prowess
while those two teen turds sleep the morning away.
ah, youth!
when sleep is something you do because you can,
because the whole world is out there, and adventure lies ahead of you,
but, at like, noon, maybe, or later, who cares?.......
i barely recall sleeping,
but these two are freakin' pro-level at that sh!t.
they didn't get that from me, that's for sure.
ANYway, while they're upstairs in slumberland,
you all already know i don't play around with that sort of thing- nope.
i had bread baking,
and dough rising,
and brown sugar creamed with all the pie-spices,
for a fresh awakening of excellence and expertism for the children, son.
i love a good brekkie treat, 
and i insist on that cinnamon magic when these guys are over.
check the teleport:
how good are they?
well, i had half the pan.
no jokes.
and i don't regret a single bite.
too much is the right amount,
and anything less is an insult to the chef.
you're gonna want some of these.
here's how to make your drooling face satisfied in almost no time at all-
preheat your oven to 380℉.
in your trusty and necessary stand mixer,
3 1/4 cups white flour;
3/4 tsp wheat gluten;
1/4 cup raw sugar;
1 T dry egg replacer;
1 T dry yeast;
1/2 tsp salt;
dash of cinnamon.
add a cup of warm non-dairy milk, with 2 tsp vanilla;
3 T + 1tsp melted earth balance plant-based butter;
1 tsp bread machine yeast.
knead that with the dough hook for about eight minutes, 
until it's a seriously expert beige ball of big business.
let it rise fifteen minutes or so and roll it into a rectangle.
y'gotta spread the good thang all up on it,.
that's the stuff.
1 cup dark brown sugar;
1/3 cup faux butterish;
1/2 tsp vanilla;
cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, allspice, and cloves, in that order-
creamed together into a mush, spread out evenly across the surface of the rectangle,
with about 1" left on one long side, for maxximum seal when rolled.
tightly roll it, moisten that unsugared edge, and rest the whole thing seam side down.
slice that log in half, then slice those in half, then slice those into 1/3s.
you've got a dirty dozen discs of delish read for rising.
yes, i use parchment paper, i'm luxurious like that.
yes, i use cast-iron, again, because i'm no baby b!tch in this kitch'.
yes, i let 'em rise for about half an hour, so that i get the maxxximum level of loft
in my fluffy flaky soft and smooth circles of sugary breakfast joy, boy.
that's IT.
and when they've had a chance to cool just a little, i give 'em that THIQQQ drizz'.
i do.
it's key.
rules is rules, and without that icing, 
you're just on some previous level bun sh!t.
we can't have that.
they're so fluffy, and pull-apart powerful, and sweet, 
and spicy, but not in a hot way, although in a temperature way, they are hot.
at first, anyway.
you know what the deal is-
warm buns for breakfast, 
cool buns the rest of the damned day.
the bun is compulsory.
the relative warmth is negotiable.
busy busy busy.
i'm a broken flippin' record.
these kids are only here for a short time,
and surprise surprise, i'm the busiest i've maybe ever been.
that's unfortunate,
because i prefer these two kids to just about every client.
i mean, seriously, man.
who compares to the comfort and closeness of one's own youngsters.'s once they get big that they start to really suck,
and these nerds aren't there yet.
that just means we gotta get all that family togetherness in while they still give a sh!t.
it's actually pretty awesome these days.
they're old enough to know stuff,
which means that the jokes and conversations have gotten much more sophisticated,
but they're still young enough to depend on me,
and that's a good feeling, especially after all these days with crabtree-
he's far less demonstrative an articulate with his appreciation.
i'm grateful that they're here,
and he's grateful to have other folks to span time with, too
we're working together, as a team, as a family, 
as a cohesive spearhead unit of lightning-striking viking verse and chorus fire-spitters,
and that's all there needs to be for now.
later, however, we'll certainly be aiming for MORE.
that's the only way we know how to go;
never quiet, never soft.....

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