Wednesday, August 10

additions and variations.

tacos on a tuesday.
sorry, neighbors, but sometimes,
when time is of the essence,
and there's no sense to be made of the time that's unfolding outward and away
from the grasping hands of a hot and fiery hard-styled warrior poet,
the only thing that can be done is to do what you do best.
i cook and eat food like an expert.
so that's what happened, only a few minutes,
and even then,
only for a few minutes,
everything was alright.
taco tuesday is just sort of what happens when it's time;
especially when what's happening is doing so too damned quickly.
these were very good,
and they helped soften the suckholery of a too-short visit with some too-good folks.
tacos, man.
they are the stuff.
and yeah, i DO eat a lot of tacos.
y'know what?
tacos are DOPE.
get with it, and get on board,
or get the F* outta here.
check the two-varieties-of-rainbow-magic-type teleport:

i made a couple different ones,
and then powered 'em all straight down the hatch.
left and right,
i had that tempeh-rice veggie-patty jauns from last week,
so i added cayenne, and ho' sauce, and black pepper,
and gave it a chorizo kick.
i pan-fried it,
and laid it out over lime-kissed savoy-and-red-cabbage-slaw,
layered a few rainbow sweet peppers
next to 'em,
dumped a ton of avocado over all of that,
tossed a few red onion sprankles into the mix,
and drizzled them with sriracha to heat things up even MORE.
i like that kind of hot hottness, and i really like how well the peppers fit.
an overdose of pepper is always a danger,
but this time around, everybody played nice.
on the top and bottom,
i cubed up some tiny tofu squares,
sauteed them with onion and green pepper, smoked paprika, and a dash of oregano,
and dropped in a few cloves of fried minced garlic.
so expert.
i used whole leaf cilantro, and pea tendrils as the greenery,
and put a few red grape tomatoes on 'em, too, for color-
the real standout, though, was the salsa.
green and gold pineapple sexxxiness,
as suggested by the cucch as he was leaving to catch a (very late) flight home.
pineapple (obvi) scallions, minced jalapeno, black pepper, yellow heirloom tomatoes,
cilantro, lime zest and juice, and that's all.
holy sh!t!!!
i ate the whole bowl, after i ate all the tacos.
i put tahini on top,
and it had just the right touch of thick and creamy
to activate the sweet and tangy tastes underneath.
food is where my mind is at.
i mean,
there's a mandatory in-the-moment concentration required to not F* it up,
and that gives me all the focus i need to push past the day,
and get into the night.
i have crabtree to keep me company,
and while he's not the sneaky arms of that new-new,
he IS a warm little comforter to cuddle up to.
there's something about a boy and his dog, i guess.
we're really making the most of his recent malady,
and while he's almost done with medicines and mashed sweet 'tatoes,
i think we're both better together for having had to endure and persevere.
who'd have guessed that it's literally going through some sh!t
that binds and bonds bros.
it's all really happening,
i'm beginning to think that being holed up and hidden away on this hill,
in this house,
among the trees and rocks of the woodsly goodness,
has run it's course.
time will tell, and tomorrow only knows the half of it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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