Sunday, August 14

but, is it a PARTY?

i had pizza for lunch.
i did.
a well-done extra crusty crisp tomato broccoli and onion jaun
delivered to the studio so i could replenish my stores of sauce and bread
so i could keep up the pace on a black and grey cover-up tattoo.
i knew i had dough proofing in my refrigerator for a pie-night delight.
double pizza meals?
i doo-doo that freaky sh!t, apparently.
i wasn't gonna, to be perfectly honest.
the day started off with a no-call-no-show bummer,
and the schedule was just lame enough not to allow
for who and what was waiting downstairs to fit into the slot.
styles get hard when it rains in vacation world,
and families can't understand that we weren't all just waiting for them to maybe pop in.
but, by the time it was feasible to order food,
it was closer to dinnertime than lunchtime,
and i knew there was gonna be more of the same in a short bit.
here's the thing:
the homie/body piercer at the studio,
subtly suggested that maybe i was a little punk b!tch who wasn't all about
that ZA RULE life, and that it seemed sorta sad
that i wouldn't at least F* with a small.
rules is rules, neighbors.
......and sure,
i'd love to say i'm immune to the slings and arrows an' that-
worthy warrior wrench-choosers are easily baited.
just put a hard style in front of me, and i'll grab ahold of it every time.
pizza started early.
and when i got home, in the rain, to my exuberant and enthusiastic animal?
MORE pizza was prepared.
check the teleport:

cayenne/smoked-paprika crusted seitan strips!
grilled leeks!!
broth-braised broccoli crowns!
chopped and seared string beans!
daiya mozzarella, crushed tomatoes, a little underchee',
and a whole lotta fried garlic sprankles complete the look.
i love to eat pizza, man.
and also, i like to MAKE it.
i have been steady F*ing with my dough.
this one was especially expert.
heavy on the semolina,
wet on the hydration, and easy on the extras.
2 cups a.p. flour
1 cup semolina
1 T wheat gluten
1 T salt
1 pkg fast yeast
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp refrigerated jar yeast
1 1/4 cup warm water.
i had enough for three  kinda small pizzas,
or two mediums, with a little left over.
after my late lunchtime
i decided to make 'em bigger, and better,
and therefore worry less about having three not-as-goods.
i'm glad i did it that way, too.
i was already feeling pretty full before i even started my prep!
too much is the right amount, right?
i made this one, too:

tempeh bacon,
shredded baby spinach,
over crushed tomatoes, with a heavy-handed smattering of daiya mozz',
caramelized onions, and asparagus,
activated with rings of sweet baby rainbow peppers,
and cracked black pepper sprankles!!!
expert is as expert does,
and i do what i do,
even though it's sort of weird to get so busy all by myself.
that's what i was asking in the title-
if i'm all alone, but there's a whole bunch of pizza,
is it still a pizza party?
or am i just a shark-gluttonous devourer of treats?
or both?
or neither?
good food after the workday is always a most welcome reward.
sharing space with my face,
and sharing racks in the oven, are what i'm up to.
and up to no good is what all the rest of it is.
on the ones-
without good food,
and the pretense of a poorly-attended party,
i should think that this remote and rural Folk Life was losing it's shape,
and seeming to resemble something like a failure.
luckily for me, and you, and us,
good food, especially good pizza,
can sustain the struggle for some time yet.
wake, walk, wash, work, walk, wind-down.
it's a cycle that eats itself faster than i can eat a slice of that pizza.
until an opportunity for that new-new presents itself,
there is more of this, or there is worse than this.
and that's it.
two weeks of being all by myself,
(with consideration for the requirements and provisions of crabtree)
and not one single thing is even a little better or even one bit easier,
despite the woeful worsening of my woodsly world,
and the loneliness within and without the redoubt of my comely home,
it all still keeps really happening.
there's something to be said for that, i guess;
never quiet, never soft.....

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