Friday, August 12

chocolate on chocolate on chocolate on chocolate

the biggest problem with most food blogs is that they ring false
whenever there's anecdotal real life attempts at relatability tossed in.
and those skin-is-like-paper confessional open-book journal jauns?
they're painful to read in any amount at the best of times.
what i mean is-
i might be writing the worst thing that the bottom of both barrels could scrape free.
and i'm really not sure of it at all,
i might just be telling true stories about weird woodsly goodsly life,
and what it's like to make vegan boomfire in the backwoods all by myself....
there's sure to be a continuaion of all of this-
as long as it keeps happening, i'll keep telling you about it.
with the real-talk writing style i've been speaking with,
let me just tell you all a little something.
i like cookies.
no surprise, that.
what i mean, more specifically is:
i like the serving size of a cookie.
...for realsies.
it's just a few bites' worth of bliss,
and then,
there's still SO much room for another,
and probably another 'nother, as well.
that's really what i'm into, y'know?
and more cookie, in every cookie,
sounds right up my alley.
cookies are good for you.
check the teleport:

cocoa-loco in noco, yo!
i made sugar cookies into chocolate circles,
and filled 'em with chocolate frosting!!!!
and then,
i added a thick dark chocolate ganache,
built up with melted chocolate, soymilk, vanilla, and powdered sugar,
for stripe after stripe of gooey, adhesive hottness.
for two reasons-
one: too much is the right amount.
and two: how else was i gonna get the ground chocolate bar sprankles to stick?
the cookies themselves were an exercise in addition.
for real,
i started with a stick of butterish,
and added another almost half a stick,
along with a cup of sugar, a half a cup of cocoa,
and two teaspoons of vanilla-
i creamed all of that,
and added two cups of flour, a half teaspoon of salt,
a teaspoon of baking powder,
and splash after splash of soymilk,
until that chalky cocoa element became a pliable dough for rolling.
rolled to 1/4", cut out,
laid down, and baked for 11 minutes at 350F.
simple, sorta.
i still have a ball of the dough, too.
i wonder what i should do with it?
i'm wondering.
for real.
all this walking around with my recalcitrant pup is kicking my A*.
it's hot.
so hot.
toooooo hot.
and humid?
us new englanders love to complain about the weather,
and i'm no exception.
crabtree wants to lay around in the grass,
as his shark-bullet battle brain overheats in the hot sun,
padding alongside the hot pavement,
as we keep climbing miles-long hot high hillsides.
i don't blame him.
but i don't really let him continue that sh!t, either.
there's NO time to nancy around on lawn jauns, though, bro.
we've got rolling roads to ramble back down.
doing it alone is twice as much work.
maybe even a little more than that,
since i realllly hang the heck out with this little monstrosity.
he seems to be benefiting from the constant contact,
i feel diminished in many other ways.
the only cure?
you betcha.
creating the treats is a lot of fun, in it's own way;
eating those snappy chocolate motherF*ers is way more fun, though.
the process of creation takes so dang much longer than the act of devouring
these dark chocolate delights.
that's the way it goes, in all things-
so much building,
to see it crumble quicker than fast-in-a-hurry.
i s'pose i'll just have to get better at constructing all the facets of freshness,
and allow the effacement to fall behind the perpetual-motion juggernaut
of loud, fresh, hardness for my face.
i'm powered by cookies and dog-walks these days,
and as long as i can continue doing those things,
every day is endurable.
it's ALL really happening,
smack dab in the salty throbbing moisture of the living world, kids.
so gross;
never quiet, never soft.....

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