Tuesday, August 9


i think the timing was perfect.
i really do.
right when all the elements were converging in a clockwise swirl,
down a complex vortex of down-the-drain lameness,
and the lonely times started really setting in-
there is THIS:

that's one damned good-lookin' baby!!!
just in time to save the day,
it's little miss edie cucchiarelli!!!!
my beautiful and magnificent niece is here,
right here,
right now,
inside the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
experiencing the woodsly goodness and the bearded weirdness
of warrior poetry through very big, very pretty new eyes.
what a little expert.
the cucch and brit and baby make three,
and while other lesser ladies and calamitous canines
may have been working in concert
to prevent me from going to concerts, and going to get fresh-to-death in philly,
and generally kiboshing ever having any plans that didn't revolve around them-
in the post-script to a whole other 'nother family togetherness vacation,
these three F*ing awesome active participants
made the last leg of their east coast journey a trek way UP to the northern mountains
of new hampshire to bro-hang  with their hermit homeboy from the forest.
real talk?
these times are way better than anything else.
i am so grateful for these peoples,
i am in LOVE with this baby,
i am lucky in ways i don't normally think of.
i'm not alone,
i'm just mostly far away;
never quiet, never soft.....

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