Tuesday, August 16

hurry up and EAT!

i got home last night and started bangin' out a big meal.
i did.
and when it was ready, i realized i made way too much, again.
too much is the right amount;
this was more than i could force into my face,
and since i don't really F* with leftovers,
i felt like a great big corpulent wastrel.
that said,
i'm used to feeling like that,
so i fought through that negative wave,
and took down the rest of the food like a mutha-'ucking dinnertime warrior.
that's right.
i doo-doo that shark-gluttonous fatbody barbarian business.
check the mexican-monday-type teleport:

i used a hand-held spinning chopper to sauce up some salsa fresca!
tomatillos remain the integral ingredient.
hot and sweet peppers, onions, garlic, cilantro, GPOP, salt, pepper, lime,
and molto tomatoes all over the place complete the look.
i used a pastry cutter to chop up some avocado,
and add it to the red onion, scallion, macerated garlic, chopped cilantro,
poblano, rainbow bell pepper assortment, red chili, jalapeno,
and lemon and lime juices that compose a decent guacamole-
with ample GPOP, salt, and pepper as well, obvi.
i lime how tomato versus avocado,
plus mostly the same sh!t,
will yield two totally different dips, duders.
that's good.
did i make refried beans?
i sure did.
ho'sauce activated, with a butterishly fried onion and jalapeno base,
nootch-boosted, and GPOP'd-
those jauns are always expert.
they're another 'nother old favorite that i'm using to keep me company-
speaking of company-
eating for two isn't the same as having a dinner guest,
but it sure motivates me to get on out of here right afterwards,
and head up the hillside with my little werewolfen sharkbullet battle-beast.
no joke.
salad helps a little. i mean, it's got the crawnch,
and it's cool,
and in this case, that's literally as cool as a cucumber-
with cilantro, red onion, scallion, and heirloom fancy small tomato wedges,
all tossed in a lime vinaigrette, to keep it thematic.
lime juice, olive oil, salt, and coriander seed are all you need.
seitan asada has fast become one of the big moves for mexican night around here.
homemade seitan is always on the menu, as i'm steady makin' a batch regularly.
grilled up in a spicy rub of cayenne. cumin, coriander, smoked paprika, oregano,
salt, black pepper, liquid smoke, GPOP, of course,
and the babiest pinch of nutmeg,
just to touch off that powderkeg of powerful flavor.
accompanied by bell pepper and onion strips,
as well as a whole mess of mashed garlic,
over baby spinach!
that's that hottness you KNOW you wanna munch up on a little bit.
wordimus prime.
the breakout star, though, is that fried corn cake.
grits, poured out and cooled off, and set the heck up in a circle,
pan fried on both sides, to a good ol' fashioned golden griddle tan,
covered in a hash of onion, garlic, fresh corn off the cob,
red and green chilis,
and a scattering of fried crispy squash chips.
.......topped with that freshie-fresh salsa?
oh MAN!
THAT'S what's up.
and even though i kind of hate eating alone.
(crabtree doesn't count)
what else am i gonna do?
not eat?
......um, only about half the time.
there's so much good food out there to fire up.
i can't let myself down by missing too many meals.
it's all really happening, and even at a table set for one,
i'm still all about reppin' that sexxy food.
there's a full moon threatening the night sky with blue beams of brutal brightness.
the dog is going wild,
and so am i.
there's smashing and bashing and absolutely ZERO sleep on the schedule,
there's still a little bit more to go.
the iron-filled blood-pumping megamagnetic ultra-electro-static siege engine
that i call my heart
is imbued and endowed with whatever lunatic laser light the sky is LIT by.
i'm tattooing all day on no sleep, and moonbeam waves from space.
did i mention i'm tattooing the boss, and her two sisters?
should be an adventure,
this perfect convergence of elements.
today must be the day;
never quiet, never soft.....

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