Monday, August 29

sourdough solo

i had myself some new hottness last night.
i did.
sourdough whole wheat thin crust pizza!
when i was mixing up the very wet, very sloppy, very elite dough,
i thought i was gonna be SO ready for it;
in reality,
who could've ever prepared for that much taste explosivity?!
check the teleport:

i went red with no chee',
and white with no sauce,
but both with fried garlic sprankles.
i'm serious right now-
if you can't hang out with those fresh chunks of allium sativum?
get the F* outta here, asap.
this area is for experts only.
just look at what i was snacking on for supper last night:

herb-crusted breading on fried zucchinis???
that's how i make good use of summer's bounty, bro.
charred brussies??
the char is key with those little baby-cabbage looking delights.
baby spinach went down on the bottom, to hold us close and keep us safe,
and there's a thin shmear of underchee',
(which sounds terrible, huh?)
technically making it not TOTALLY uncheesed,
as i used that cashew-garlic boomfire as a paste, i don't care much that it's there.
paste? why? what??
because i really worried a lot about that very wet very thin crust sh!tting the bed
before the big bake, i glued it togeher with chee'.
that added a whole sexy taste component to the zukes!
think almost-as-elite eggplant parm, with more zed-letter prominence.
as if that wasn't more than enough,
there's also some seared-up brick-hued baconical bits and bobs, too!!
too much is the right amount,
and if i'm doing pizzas,
i'm doo-dooing pizzas to eleven.
from the top to the bottom,
and the bottom better be a real sweet-bottom baby-b!tch
while we're on the subject of bottoms-
wafer-thin, crispy, tangy, hearty, and full of flavor!
i used half a cup of whole wheat starter,
one full cup of ap flour, plus another Tablespoon or two as it kneaded.
a teaspoon of salt,
1 T of wheat gluten
and half a cup plus 2 T water.
it bulked all day, 12+ hours,
and i just used it as it was.
in the best way!
like quicksand!
it changed the way i'm gonna handle my business in these woods, broski.
real talk.
and that white mountain white pizza jaun was off the hinges of hottness, as well:

crispy baked potato chips, daiya mozzarella, broccolini, and grilled leeks!!!
that's what's up.
you can SEE the giant garlic spranks-
they kept it all straight up boomFIRE throughout the entire meal.
pizza is my perpetual comfort.
just knowing there's pizza out there keeps me going.
i love it,
and i'm sure that if it could,
it'd love me right back,
for real, and forever.
good food is where i invest my time.
that and my good dog.
and by good,
i mean, furious and fueled-up, feverish, frantic, frenetic, and fresh.
he's psyched to eat and run and drive around-
which is good news for both of us, because so am i!
we're road warrior poets, crabtree and me.
a boy and his dog,
or an old man of the mountains, and a dear sweet little boy.
something along those lines.
ain't we a pair?
straight outta thunderdome,
a couple of real raggedymen;
never quiet, never soft.....

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