Wednesday, August 24


you'd better believe we get into it.
even though we were pressed for time,
after a shoppin' spree in the valley's finest back-to-school-spirited retail outlets,
we still brought the big-time tastes to the table.
that's F*ing right.
on the ones,
me and mine aren't about to bail out and take the easy road-
not once, not ever, and certainly not on taco tuesday.
i mean,
rules is rules.
what did we do?
we did the best we could.
y'want that soft flour foldover power?
we got it.
how about some crisp poblano pepper?
you likeit, and you know it.
will there be guac-a-frickin'-mole?
what do you think we are, anyway?
a batch of A*-holes?
no way, hombre-
we're a big fat triumvirate of tempestuous and triumphant tines, teeth, and tacos.
go ahead-
check the holy-frijole-type teleport:

black beans matter!
my children and i are all kinds of elite when it's time to eat.
cilantro-lime rice?
for sure.
smoky chili tempeh with poblano and onion?
hell yeah!!
they're just tacos,
but they represent my intentional time-spanning capabilities with these teens.
i'm NOT bragging, but we still enjoy each others' company.
for now, at least,
and i'm not about to let those minutes slip away.
i want these kids to be inventive, attentive, creative, capable, and competent-
to essentially embody the basic distilled foundational trifecta of just being dope:
try hard.
pay attention.
know stuff.
it may seem like it's just dinner,
but everything is a lesson around here.
we could've been reppin' box mix like a batch of b!tchbaggerish jerks,
but that's not expert.
not even one little teentsy tiny little bit.
every day, in everything we do,
we get a choice.
and i'm hoping they can see the results of choosing to be dope,
rather than to just take it easy.
active participation requires we activate that new hottness
whenever we get the chance,
which happens to be all the effing time-
as you're already all well aware of.
at least, if you've been paying any kind of attention at all.
everything we're on about, here in the woodsly goodness,
is designed to be instructive, subtly, through example.
i hope it's working.
i think it is.
these two are pretty rad, and i wish we had more time.
this is it.
in a few short hours, after a looooong dog hike,
we're gonna get on the road for a loooong car ride.
this is it.
i'm doing all i can in these last minutes
to make it all as memorable as possible,
our time is our own,
and all we have is each other;
never quiet, never soft.....

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