Wednesday, August 17

TOSTADA be kiddin' me!

corn tortillas?
what the F* is this world coming to?!
i went a little off-book for taco tuesday,
but i think i'm glad that i did.
corn. fried. puffed up. crunchy. crisp. double stacked.
wanna see what i got up to?
check the tortilla-time-type teleport:

claro, yo.
i put the fire to it this time,
and it turned out pretty flippin' tasty.
tostadas, two ways is the way of the future.
we got spiralized zucchini, marinated in a lime garlic brine,
and tossed with cilantro and black pepper.
i dropped that on red cabbage,
activated it with diced red onion,
threw some avocado chunks in the mix for good measure,
then turned it up to eleven with huge fried garlic sprankles!
the sweet was on the other ones-
dry-fried hunks of exxxtra-firm tofu,
agave-glazed and dusted with GPOP and coriander seed.
there's pea tendrils on the bottom,
and tomatoes, scallions, and fresh jalapeno on top.
wordimus prime, people,
i doo-doo that freaky sh!t on circles of crusty corn.
damn, i had a good time making dinner.
no joke.
with those custom refrieds, all kinds of ho'saucy and nootchy an' that;
that salsa fresca which is always even better the next day?!
not to mention that the drizzlin' sauce is next-level tangy!
look what we would've been having without it:

i can't believe i went so bush-league, and momentarily forgot to sauce 'em up!
vegan sour cream, macerated cilantro, fresh squeezed lime, and a touch of cayenne.
so expert!
in fact,
it was so filling, and so fresh,
it almost didn't suck all the balls that i was eating all by myself...
what good is a beautiful plate with nothing on it?
the same level of utility as a barbarian feast without wenches to impress with it.
100% delicious. 0% awesome.
it's a conundrum, kids,
and i'm not that thrilled about the prospects for the near future.......
luckily, in the immediate here and now,
harvest and maple will be here tonight.
that's the best news there is.
family togetherness is what i need,
and having those two hellions here will fill in a few blanks,
and a few rooms in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
there may or may not be a secret universal plan,
but there is certainly a secret universal joke,
and while i'm not exactly laughing,
i just may pee my pants anyway under that pretense;
never quiet, never soft.....

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