Sunday, August 21

curry in a hurry.

we made indian hottness all over the place yesterday!
we had spices in every direction,
we had beans and blops and big flavor all up in our nostrils,
all up in the whole place,
and all kinds of ready for firing into our faces!!!
harvest, maple and i are really gettin' after it in this kitchen this time.
that's making me all sorts of proud,
with my spicy little children reppin' all this vegan excellence all day every day.
check the teleport:

we made the ill na-naan!
a little plain soy yogurt, yeast, salt, sugar, flour, and vegan buttery ghee-meltiness,
all pan-fried into a little circle of awesomeness.
well, there aren't any solids in vegan butter,
so it works out great...
we made some sweet chick pea flour fritters, with chunks of onion, garlic, and cilantro,
with GPOP, cardamom, and ginger-
we doo-doo those deep-fried pakoras, man.
and accentuated with jalapenos and a little sriracha for dippin'??
holy sh!t, THAT'S what's really good in these woods.
basmati-type, fluffy, long grain delicious RICE??
y'gotta have rice, or your whole plate is weak sauce.
am i right?
that yellow cauliflower jaun had the FIRE in full effect.
turmeric, cumin, smoked paprika, cayenne, ginger, coriander, black pepper,
GPOP, chopped garlic, and ground mustard-
coating the outsides of a seitan-broth-steamed cauliflower, spinach, and onion scene.
believe it-
gobi-saag is the TRUTH, homies.
that brings us to the burly brown blops on the bottom.
that's that dal-faced drippy doo-doo that does what we need it to.
what now?
it's lentil stew,with molto spices.
take it easy.
onions and butter and garlic,
cumin and cinnamon, and chilis and coriander, ginger,
fenugreek, GPOP, turmeric and paprika and mustard and black pepper,
and crushed toasted celery seed-
all that, plus a cup of bouillon broth, and some time,
with a pound of those tasty beans had us all making a mess of the table
in our haste to get more into our mouths!!!!
the tomatoes and scallions really turned it up to eleven.
all of it was ready in under an hour.
that's a true story.
@vegan_magic_time said so himself a few days ago-
it's fast food from the days of hard styles and tough livin',
and who are we to make it drag on longer than it needs to?
no way, jose-
we needed that curry in a hurry,
and we got it in just the nick of time.
august has been a real sunovab!tch, bros.
that's no joke.
full schedules and an empty bed,
a mostly empty house and an overloaded daily to-do list-
three long weeks of sh!t-salad singularity later,
and at least i'm still eating as well as i ever have.
i think having these two attentive and inventive active participants atound
is helping a whole lot, too.
nothing makes me more excited about cooking than appreciative eaters
keeping me company,
and helping stir the pot, in all the best ways...
i keep saying it, and that's probably because i really mean it-
i am grateful for the time i have been given.
spanning time, spanning space, running in place....
no, wait,
scratch that last one;
never quiet, never soft.....

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