Sunday, August 28


damn, duders!
i've been waiting to make this flippin' meal for days.
i mean it.
the first delay came at me hard from working too dang long-
dog walks and crate-trained terrier dismay took precedence
over completing a complicated suppertime.
i think it's good that i'm prepared to absorb a challenging schedule at work.
it probably makes me a bit better at what i do when i'm constantly adapting
to the situation at hand, instead of honing one specific stylistic agenda.
who knows?
the thing is, when that keeps me later than usual at the studio,
after i leave the house early to get things done as time permits?,
well, then my poor little crabtree gets a tough day of waiting for papa-dad.
and when i get home, me and my boy gotta get after some good-good in the 'hood.
i love those movie checks, and i love my small friend,
and that means fancy dinner had to wait a minute
while i took care of business on both sides.
the second delay became a necessary display of respect,
when my homeboy made a frittata,
right as i was preparing the crust for my thing....
we must be on some sort of psychic frequency/magnetic wavelength
great-minds-thinkin'-similarly scene or somethin'.
no, but for realsies, though-
travis, over @vegan_magic_time makes good things.
i just didn't want to make the same thing.
that's like wearing the same dress to prom, bro.
and anyway,
nobody likes it when there's somebody next door nibbling on your flavor, y'know?
for serious.
unless, of course, it's pizza.
it's always a good idea to be having pizza.
i waited a day to make what i wanted.
and i let the dough for my little bit of superflippincrazyflakycrustycrust relax.
i'm super glad i did that,
because dinner was the TRUTH last night.
score one point for radical QUICHE styles!
what's all-the-way-live in these hallowed halls, y'all?
vegan savory pie for your eye, that's what.
check the teleport:

i went with firm tofu, high-speed food-processed,
and whisked up fluffy in my stand mixer,
with some unmeasured amounts of arrowroot/flax/cornstarch thickening agents
all added in for, ironicaly, good measure.
i'd have taken more pictures, but it was getting late, man.
and the light is failing and fading fast in these here hills.
no joke.
the leaves are still green, and the sun is still setting sooner and sooner-
that makes a veil on all available light,
and the fleeting moments of natural illumination are getting fleeter still.
i snapped the shot, and i ate a whole quiche.
so, no more pictures were possible.
i'm about that life.
the whites of a bunch of green onions,
three cloves of garlic,
a quarter of a red onion, minced,
sauteed until golden in a healthy drizzlin' of olive oil,
and some well-intentioned inventiveness, on the fly, off the cuff, and totally eyeballed,
repeated here in estimation.
(you'd think i'd have had more of  plan with 36 extra hours to prepare)
1 block of firm (as in: regular firm) tofu.
GPOP, (duh)
1/4 cup nootch,
2 T tamari,
2 T cup garbanzo flour
1 T flaxmeal
1 T cornstarch
1 T arrowroot
2T olive oil
black pepper
1 tsp sage
1 tsp thyme
1 T ho'sauce (the wet kind, texas pete, or frank, or whomever)
blend it up until smoothish,
and then whisk the holy heck out of it to aerate it for the fluff factor.
to that,
i added three handfuls of chopped baby spinach,
and sixteen spears of asparagus, precisely,
with the tips reserved to sexxx it up on top.
i had the oven heating up to 410F,
and i rolled out my cool and rested dough.
i don't know what went right, exactly,
but something did.
1 generous cup a.p. flour
1/4 tsp salt
1 stick very cold butterish
3 T vegan creamchee',
and ice water in teaspoons to bond the whole big baby b!tch up tightly.
i s'pose it's the high fat content?
whatever, my dudes.
you won't catch me complaining about awesome outer quiche-shells any time soon.
i like hearts.
and i LOVE FOOD.
makes sense to heart what i heart, broski.
garnished up with fresh little round red tomatoes,
and scallion sprankles?
i HAD to tune the whole thing up.
especially since the co-captain of the team,
mr. grilled brussels sprout was there to cheer me on.
it's been a serious weekend.
every tattoo took longer than i thought,
which could be indicative of several factors-
none of which are all that great.
let's hope it's machinery-fatigue and not overestimation of my own abilities.
i don't mind working. not one bit.
i'm a working person, i put in work, i work with purpose-
but mutha-'uckers, y'all don't wanna see me workin'-
you wanna see me LIVIN'.
at least, i hope that's what's up.
it's happening.
all of it.
in lengthening stretches,
over darkening expanses,
under deepening skies,
now, later, forever;
never quiet, never soft.....

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