Monday, August 1


i'm starting to wonder how bad it would be if i didn't say it.
if this unfolding blueprint is the cultivated coincidence of fortune and favor,
what in the name of the hottest hell is the alternative?
i'm serious.
i don't believe that the literal saying of magic words changes anything-
i'm not dumb.
i DO believe that it's a symbolic summons to the creased keys and codexes
of whatever secret universal plan holds the recipe for success.
focusing intention and attention on positivity can affect
the overall shape, size, scope, and spectrum of perspective.
if we concentrate on the moves we can make,
and ignore the dead ends,
there might only be one extra bit of hottness available on the monthlong path
to expert active participation before the recharge of that focus.....
....but even just one extra bit of taking it to eleven is a good thing.
you gettin' this?
every time i flip the page on the calendar,
every single time,
when the clock strikes 12,
and a whole new grid is revealed,
and the squares with numbers that compose a new month
of single serving light and dark cycles starts up again-
every time that happens,
just to begin on the right side of the bed, with the best foot forward,
and the very first thoughts steady on an onward upward trajectory-
i repeat the word that gets repeated.
the 'magic' word,
rules is rules,
and consistency creates tradition.
i said it, very early in the morning.
so early, that as a matter of fact,
most folks would consider it to still be very late at night.
the very first syllables echoed out into the quiet darkness:
rabbit rabbit!
real life documentarianism doesn't allow for lazy storytelling.
so i gotta give you the truth-
if this is how nurtured good fortune looks,
i'd hate to see the harder styles produced by ignoring the superstition.
today is the day,
and naturally,
i baked up a treat to celebrate.
check the teleport:

i make something every month for the first.
it's what i DO.
oatmeal, big sugar crystals, mini chocolate chips, and salty pretzel sticks
all working as a team
in order to become something bigger and better than each individual ingredient.
that's how it's s'posed to work.
cookies make it look easy to combine and rise-'s much harder for people.
i'm thinking that if i eat enough of them,
a little of that cooperative spirit will fill me up along with the oats and stuff.
that's the way to do it.
regular cookies are formulaic.
formulas, templates, and guidelines are great things.
they give you room to freak it off,
but within parameters that all but guarantee a positive productive outcome.
if you can put this in a bowl, you'll get something you can enjoy eating out of it:
half a cup of fat,
a cup or so of sugar
half a cup of wet binding
half a tsp of salt
two and a half cups of flour
and vanilla, probably, to make sure it's nicey-nice.
golf-ball sized blops,
baked at 375F for 13 luck-tempting minutes.
that's the basic format.
these tasty jauns also have a huge man-handful of oats,
and a cup of crushed pretzel bits,
and a long shake of chocolaty chips,
because an overabundance of awesome stuff only ever adds more awesome.
that's real.
too much is the right amount.
i believe it,
and i don't ever, ever, EVER, want to accept less than that.
neither should you.
here's the thing-
it's all spaghetti.
spaghetti is good.
sure it is.
whenever it's up to me to decide what's for dinner,
it will likely NOT be spaghetti,
even if pasta is in the forecast.
i don't even know why i'm not that into it.
i mean, i'll eat a lot of it if it's there,
but i'd never choose it as my meal.
last night,
for our say-goodbye-to-july supper,
i got home to a plate FULL of spaghetti:

i'll admit,
it tasted great,
and i'll always give props to parsley sprankles.
on the real-
good is still good,
even when it's not what you'd have done.
that's a true story.
here's another one-
ampy-d got a pretty sweet job offer somewhere far enough away
to warrant her relocation from the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress to points southward.
that's great news.
......for her.
the spaghetti really is kind of a metaphor in that sense-
if there was ever any question about what she'd choose to do,
left to decide on her own, without anyone elses' input or opinion?
she'll always pick the spaghetti.
good is still good, objectively.
A is A.
MORE is better,
just not always for everyone.


happy F*ing august.
i guess time is ticking,
and all the rabbits i could've blabbed and babbled out
into every first day for days turned to months turned to years
aren't gonna add sand to the hourglass.
i'm gonna go ahead and be happy for the opportunity she's earned.
and i'm gonna be grateful for the time that we've spanned to the fullest.
and for all the good things that've come from it,
i get it, i've got it, i gotcha, i getcha-
when y'gotta go after it,
you have got to GO.
nobody should stand still when there're moves to make.
it's all really happening.
a sequence of events, collapsing like dominoes-
when it all falls down, the big picture shows itself-
really, what's else is there?
never quiet, never soft.....

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