Friday, August 26


the ramen game went off the charts last night!
chinese squigglers,
lookin' all sorts of just like greek amphora relief hair texture;
boiled, rinsed, and added into a whole mess of fresh vegan hottness!
you know if you know...
and if you don't?
then you could certainly stand to learn a few more things.
ramen noods, dudes.
they're delicious.
and they're quick and easy.
and they're dope.
i fired mine up while my sesame and garlic marinated super-firm tofu
sizzled away in a sumptuous sauce.
maybe you should just check the teleport:

chili peppers, red pepper flakes, crushed garlic, macerated raw garlic,
onions, bok choy, carrots, celery, sweet peppers, sriracha, cayenne,
GPOP, and black pepper, together with a dash of soy sauce, and a little oil-
that's the veggie portion of the plate.
the tofu had a whole lot of other other stuff happening-
sizzling away after draining the water, an replacing it with SAUCE!
GPOP, agave, sriracha, liquid smoke, mustard powder, ginger, coriander,
rice wine, soy, and broth, soaked through and through.
what were the proportions?
who knows?
i was tossing things with wanton, reckless, joyful abandon,
and that seemed to get the job done-
while it cooked in it's own juice,
i just sat back and watched water boil.
it was quick,
and it was easy,
and it was hot,
and it was great.
all good things, to be sure.
i almost didn't mind being home alone eating all by myself.
i cooled off my whole head with cukes and peas,
and that helped me endure the boomfire my tongue was laboring amongst.
i may be low and lonely,
but that's no excuse to accept ugly food.
real talk.
the only time i reaaallllllly get frustrated?
when i'm on day 5 of only 4.5 hours of sleep.
crabtree had some sort of emergency butthole debacle last night.
he finds the grossest things on our walks,
and he eats them all up as fast as he can.
in turn,
i enjoy his rancid anus fumes throughout the evening.
it's not quite symbiosis, but it is what happens.
so, he had me outside half of the night.
and now?
it's raining.
y'ever go for a walk in the rain with a dog who doesn't even like walks not in the rain?
it's like trying to carry a pound of pudding in your bare hands.
frustration builds up a heavy head,
but i think we're just gonna race around the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
making the best of an indoor obstacle course,
until one, or both of us collapses from the exertion.
the elements are conspiring to quash our exercise regimen,
but the jokes on them-
we're going to go so hard,
it'll be twice as exhausting compared to our usual routine,
and that on top of us being twice as exhausted before we begin.
that starts now.
i probably should've stretched first;
never quiet, never soft.....

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