Sunday, August 14


a little floor despair never hurt anybody.
that's when you just lay on the floor,
and wonder how things got this way.
for me,
it was the blueberries.
the blueberries.
that's what took the day down to the hardwood.
i ate too many blueberries.
that must be what did it.
and now, i'm feeling a bit blue,
despite the prevalence of purple that asserts itself mightily
as a byproduct.
happily, the floor next to the oven is roasty-toasty warm,
from the 400 degree fahrenheit hottness emanating outwards.
when life gives you blueberries,
crush them.
....and maybe fold them into some scones?
check the blue-balls-as-an-understatement-type teleport:

i used more butterish, and much more vegan creamchee' than usual.
it went like this:
10T butts,
5 T chee'
5 T sugar
3.5 cups flour
.5 cup tapioca
all creamed into a crumble.
2 tsp ea. baking powder and soda
half a lemon's zest
1/3 cup toasted cococnut
3/4 tsp cinnamon
one pint fresh bloobs
6oz vanilla non-dairy yogurt
1 cup nondairy milk
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tsp lemon juice.
gently mixed,
and then when a soft dough is formed,
folded, turned, folded, turned, and folded,
over and over and over and over-
unti;l it looks super-expert, and very layered.
i cut the dough ball in half, form a sphere,
and press each flat, to about an inchish in height,
before i slice it into sixths.
the key is to freeze the dough for at least five minutes,
to let it relax, and allow all those buttery bits firm up.
twenty to twenty-five minutes of baking once the oven is ready
should see you well sorted in the scone department.
here's an alternate view of these fancy little triangles:

i love scones.
once they were cool enough,
despite my appetite, and desire to devour them as is-
i drizzled that crushed freeze-dried blueberry,
vanilla, powdered sugar and lemon juice glaze on top.
i mean,
that's what's UP, broskis.
the hint of toasted coconut?
the little cinnamon-lemon notes?
that drizz??
it really brings the baked-fresh flavor to eleven.
that's no joke.
i'm a little worried about blarping out.
i mean,
floor despair doesn't burn any calories,
and the scone scene isn't doing me any favors.
i don't know if it's enough to hike across creation with this little crabtree of mine,
or if more drastic steps will have to be taken.
i know i don't want less treats, and i know i don't have much time,
something has to happen,
or i'm gonna turn very pear shaped, and very soon.
i've been cooking my way through all my old favorites.
it's helpful.
good food and fond memories definitely go together.
there's always so much to do,
and the minutes when i'm wild-animal two-fist feasting are the ones
where the multitasking mania of my mind gets to drift back and forth.
i'm grateful for the time i have been given,
and the gift of good food.
it might taste a little better when it's shared,
but it still tastes pretty F*ing good;
never quiet, never soft.....

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