Thursday, August 4

doing it wrong.

wanna see four inches of poorly-placed daytime camouflage?
why not?
check the sticking-out-while-trying-to-blend-in-type teleport:

this guy is no joke.
he wouldn't budge, either.
nope. not at all.
it was as if his insistence that he was well hidden would become true solely
based on his belief in it.
i admire that kind of conviction.
i even do that sort of dumb sh!t from time to time.
although, on further reflection-
i'm actually kind of glad he didn't move up or out,
because i'm sure i'd have shrieked just a bit if he bounced
his impressively fuzzy bark-colored body off of my beard during takeoff.
real talk. i mean, he's not small at all:

i guess when you're trying to play it cool,
and it's not exactly the right time or place,
you're gonna get noticed.
he stood firm, though,
and was immovable in the face of poor decision making,
which says something.
on the real-
commitment to a bad idea,
and seeing it through is something i know a little something about.
you pick a side and you stick.
rules is rules.
he's got stars and stripes,
i've got the woodsly goodness,
but both of us are staying ugly and dope in a spot where we don't fit in.
nature wins.
...that's a thing.
we do what we do wherever we are,
and i s'pose that's going to have it's own complications.
i don't know what eats giant tree-lookin' moths,
but i do know that i don't want to meet whatever it is;
never quiet, never soft.....

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