Friday, August 12

bahn banh

sandwiches, man.
sandwiches are often the solution to the big question.
what's for dinner??
how about sandwiches.
sandwiches sound pretty flippin' good right about now.
and so it goes.
i whipped up an early bulk on some whole wheat sourdough stuff,
half a cup of starter, two thirds of a cup of a.p. flour, olive oil, salt, and black pepper,
and let it sit, post knead, for an afternoon.
i dunno what i was doing, duders-
i rolled it into a circle anyway, and pan-cooked it up with a pat or two of vegan butter.
the result was a flaky, fluffy, tangy treat to sit my 'guini 'gredients on.
check the banh-style-me-oh-my-type teleport:

one plate, one meal, all the stuff, in one place.
i laid it down right!
red cabbage, savoy cabbage, parsley, and baby spinach,
shredded and slapped up with a splat of vegenaise, a little black pepper,
and some GPOP?
with dry-fried crispy-skinned turbo-firm tofu, and pickles, and sliced jalapenos,
AND sriracha!!!!!
that's the stuff.
that was just side ONE.
the other half got a modified banh mi mix of red radishes and grated carrot,
over cilantro,
with crisp tempeh bacon,
fresh-clipped basil leaves, red onions, and cashew-garlic-lime crema.
it's not actually any kind of authentic anything,
but it sure as heckfire is a direct descendant of the o.g. dopeness,
and more importantly,
it was monstrously delicious.
you get busy with sandwiches?
of course you do.
i didn't want to cook, at all.
in fact,
i doubt i'll be about that life tonight, either.
the good news about not wanting to do something,
when i'm a full-fledged adult in charge of myself?
i don't have to.
for serious,
maybe i'm going out for pizza?
could be.
i mean,
who doesn't like pizza?
i haven't been out to eat in almost a month.
three weeks at the very least.
eating at home, and making magic in my mixing bowls is nice,
it's just that every once in a while,
i wouldn't mind having a little something served up while my kitchen stays clean.
that's weak sauce?
oh MAN!
we'll have to see what happens.
then again,
it all always really is;
never quiet, never soft.....

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