Thursday, August 11

the big wednesday-do.

my day off was a whirlwind of sweat, blood,
and, somewhat anticlimactically, a lack of tears.
ummm, yeah. that's real.
it's crazy hot, and the five or six small showers that tried to cool off
the whole of the woodsly goodness didn't do a damned thing to help.
in fact.
that drippin' droplet doo-doo just made the day crazy humid.
my hands are scraped to sh!t from holding crabtree in check.
it's true.
my finger is broken,
my nose is broken,
my toe is split down the center,
and my knuckles are scabbed over in a dozen places.
....all without throwing a single punch!
between the in-the-dark racing to the door, and the collateral collisions that incurred,
my nasal bridge is beat the heck up.
my two-weeks'-deep index/trigger/pointer is accusatory all on it's own now-
the dog's own strength pulled my digits in directions they don't normally go,
and there's some severe purple knuckled cracks in the ol' number-one finger.
(how's it tattooing with that, you ask? it feels just like you'd imagine.)
and the miles and miles of after-dinnertime flip-flopped foolishness,
rife with people and other pets who need charging at and running around,
clipped my wee-wee-wee, and all the way home i've been limping
as the nailbed opens up a little more with every step.
i'm a F*ing mess.
and that's the sweat, and the blood,
of woeful wrenched-up warrior poetry in this woodsly goodness
the no-tears scene, however,
i do believe comes from being too busy to slip down into despair.
a little floor despair, now and then, can be a healthy thing,
but these days?
home alone, shuffling around in the muggy museum
i call the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress ?
it's one helluva hard style-
and the dull ache of absence may erupt in abcess if something doesn't change.
day in and out,
dog-dadding a high-needs hot fireball of tooth and nails
is still better than laying on the ground and doing nothing but feeling poorly.
i spanned the whole of yesterday keeping very very very busy,
but getting very few truly impressive productive things accomplished.
i baked both bread and treats.
we walked forever and a day, day and night.
i cooked and prepped, and buzzed and ate.
i corresponded with my peoples, in brief transmissions
regarding my aggressively transgressive transactions-
i mean,
i'm buying/selling/making/taking/breaking everything up.
i'm on some throwback jauns,
to the old tried-and true albie rock method:
that's right-
y'gotta break it worse to understand what's wrong...
and that deconstruction is in F*ing full effect:
i'm wreaking and freaking and iron-willed and overwrought,
and ironically wrighting my rightness in wrongdoing.
i act like a jerk when i'm upset,
not to my dear sweet little boy.
crabby and me, we're spanning time together the best we can,
and while his INsides have tried to kill him,
my OUTsides are taking a sunovab!tch of a beating because of it.
my sweet little niece brought a cold with her from connecticut,
and i'm ALSO enjoying a small bout with connecticitis.
when it rains it pours, unless you mean literally.
we already covered what actually happens when it rains these days.
but, i mean,
that dinner, though.
misery loves company, but when there's nobody around to be miserable with,
i think we might as well just fill ourselves up with good food.
a tasty meal is my favorite way to get out of my own way,
and get into the spirit of creativity.
this time around, i started early, and brought the heat in several directions.
check the teleport:

coconut curried cauliflower!!!!!
cococnut oil, red onion chunks,
thin slices of carrot and celery, a couple cloves of garlic,
GPOP, black pepper, coriander, ginger, mustard, and toasted cumin,
plus a pile of turmeric, a spray of sriracha, a dousing of rice wine vinegar,
a spolash a soy sauce, a half teaspoon of bouillon,
and half a can of coconut milk,
all of that simmered for twenty or thirty minutes on medium low,
and i added the cut up caulis after about ten had passed.
finished off with a lot of fresh squeezed lime, and chopped cilantro,
before being plated on a bed of baby spinach,
and topped with toasted chia sprankles.
served alongside that scallionized  toasted-chia activated jasmine rice?
that'd be a great meal all on it's alonesome.
that's not how i operate.
i got that crunchy salad magic up there, too.
pea tendrils, mini cucumber, baby heirloom purple tomatoes,
fresh cilantro, and molto lime.
that's just good stuff, and it goes with everything.
in fact,
i kept hittin' it up between bites of everything else.
you like that broccoli?
me too.
sesame-oil-seared shishito peppers, scallions, and garlic,
all on on those florets,
and that stuff stayed firm but still melted in my mouth.
i do SO love it when it works.
you KNOW i added more sossamon spranks.
i had to.
on the real:
too much is the right amount.
one of those shishitos was very hot.
that happens sometimes.
it worked well with everything else, which pleases my palate,
and gets me pumped up to wash it down with a little pampemousse.
i fried up some exxxtra-firm tofu,
with jalapeno, and red onion, in coconut oil,
then, i added in some garlic, red and savoy cabbage, zuccini, and summer squash.
when that was all getting good and brown,
i tossed in shredded coconut.
yup, that's a thing,
and i finished it off with cilantro, lime, and pineapple.
that's a LOT of food,
especially on a hot day.
the thing is-
i needed to make it,
and i'm glad i did, too.
i'm getting better at timing,
and i'm getting more efficient at preparations.
i didn't know what i was making until i looked in the fridge,
and i let my most recent grocery trip decide for me.
anything any good, i'm suspicious of,
unless, that is,
i make it myself.
this undertaking of a worth-a-sh!t Folk Life entire unto itself,
fabricated from vegetables and true stories,
omega-level honesty,
and workin' harder and then working harder than harder
is not for everyone.
or anyone else, it seems.
it's all really happening,
and that's the whole point;
never quiet, never soft....

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