Monday, August 8


that's what my bellyhole was screaming at me.
i got home, early, to my sick and tired terrier,
took him outside, and then turned all my attention to making something to eat.
i preheated the oven to 440F,
and then i got crackin' on a quick boomfire bump-up for my face.
i made a couple of genuinely crucial flattie-boombattie-breads!
i did.
check the teleport:

half a cup of regular all-purpz flour,
half a teaspoon of salt,
a pinch of sugar,
half a cup of sprouted wheat flour,
a third of a cup of plain soy yogurt,
baking powder(which proved extraneous)
and a scant half cup of water-
that's the whole dough.
rolled out into a pair of pies, using SO much exxxtra flour,
until they were thin as heck, and twice as firm-
i buttered a couple pizza pans and laid 'em out on top,
while i had a whole mess of other sh!t poppin' off.
maybe, just check the 'port again:

olive oil, crushed tomatoes, roma tomatoes,
shallots, daiya mozzarella, cashew-garlic custom chee' blops,
and a garnish of fresh basil,
plus a few black pepper sprankles!!!!
these crusts were crazy crawnchy-
i put both of 'em in the oven at the same time,
and i alternated back and forth slice by slice,
from one to the other.
oh, yeah-
the other.
check it:

what sauce?
i used some lemony hummus,
and added on that broccolini, and the baby bok choy,
but the upgraded the whole thing with fried garlic sprankles,
and a whole spicy spate of crushed red pepper.
i'm on it.
i needed a fast fix,
but nothing weak.
and this solved all the problems.
all the dinner ones anyway.
radio silence sucks,
but i s'pose when there's nothing to say,
at least,
if nothing getting said is having any effect on the outcome,
it's probably better to just STFU,
and let events unfold the way they're going to.
at least there's going to be another 'nother decent breakfast over here,
before crabtree and i take our superlong walk together.
at least there's that;
never quiet, never soft.....

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