Tuesday, August 9


when it's family dinnertime in the woodsly goodness,
AND i've got special guest stars?
oh man!
that's when i really feel like i've gotta bring some fire to the supper table.
that's a thing.
we needed a plan, duders,
a plan is good for you.
getting ideas together in advance makes making moves much more efficient.
when we were all at the studio, 
well before dinner-
and there's discussion of taco tuesday being a probability,
and that maybe altering our course from mexican on monday,
and maybe moving it quite a ways east, 
to the mutha-flippin' mediterranean might make some sense.
...especially when the lady in the house can't hang out with cilantro?
it goes from 'whats for dinner?
word up.
after all,
it's a poor host who can't accommodate his peoples.
and i'm over here steady subscribing to viking values...
...a generous nature is a necessary attribute of all that.
we did it.
me and the cucch, together, 
like not a moment has ever passed with us apart.
check the triple-chick-pea-type-teleport:
what's really good, son?
these deconstructed falafel jauns, that's what.
no joke.
custom garbanzo/sprouted wheat/all purpose crepes,
made with love, and  a pinch of salt, a pinchier pinch of sugar,
ground chia and flaxmeal, and non-dairy milk.
crepes are molto dope.
we fried up some garbanzos, with a bit of GPOP,
and caramelized minced red onion,
and tossed 'em on a smear of hummus.
that's triple chick pea magic, straight from the jump off.
we built our own exploded-view falafel.
weak dinners are for weak people, and i've gotta stay strong as summer ends.
there's some sliced dill pickles;
quartered cherry tomatoes;
we also added MORE diced red onion;
shredded baby spinach;
kalamata olives;
and fried garlic slices!
too much IS the right amount. y'all.
that's a constant in a world in flux.
lemony tahini, seasoned with GPOP, drizzled on top 
got 'em lubed up for extreme gluttony,
and then, to take each sandwich to eleven,
there are also sumac AND aleppo pepper sprankles.
how good were they?
brit said it was the best meal she'd had on this visit to the east coast.
compliments are always welcome, as long as they are true, and earned.
was that all?
you ca clearly see there's MORE.
don't be dumb.
farro salad was ALSO in full effect!
hell yeah, broski-
lightly salted farro, tossed with lots of lemon juice and zest,
fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and parsley for a little bit of exxtra crawnch.
we doo-doo that freaky sh!t.
for real.
i needed this visit more than i didn't really know there was going to be one.
family togetherness is important,
and it's a great feeling to have a little family slide in for a second,
as family moves out of the big picture.
on the ones,
i'm still glad for all of it,
because real life creates true stories.
this is What Is.
active participants,
worthy warrior poets,
partakers and move-makers,
and a beautiful baby girl.
it's all really happening,
just in time,
as we run out of time;
never quiet, never soft.....

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