Wednesday, August 31


there are tacos,
and then there are TACOS.
i've been steadily building up a back-catalog of boundless bean-based
open-faced baby burrito flaps,
and last night, i did the thing that i always do.
what do i always do?
i do MORE.
i mean,
i'm not about to wimp out and let my all-alonely kitchen dictate
the level of intensity that taco tuesday should take on.
i may be cooking for one,
but i'm cooking for number one.
i took a different approach to the theme,
and made a few variations in keeping with the rainbow-magical sprankalicious
hottness i've come to expect from myself.
that's not bragging, it's a dead-set challenge to myself.
a dropped gauntlet daring me to run a chopping-block gauntlet:
a gutbusting gut-check of good ol' gastronomical gourmandise,
from the sink to the ceiling, and over the sides of this sinking ship i call suppertime.
it isn't always easy, but it's always what i do.
rules is rules.
here we go-
check the taco-tuesday-type teleport:

i made coconut curried tofu!
a super simple coconut milk simmer,
with turmeric, toasted cumin, GPOP, and oregano-
with a little coconut oil to activate a good sizzlin'.
those got scallion/cilantro/lime rice,
tomatoes, red onion, grilled poblano strips,
and sriracha mayo drizzles,
over a bed of torn fresh cilantro.
you know this.
those other jauns?
they're buffalo cauliflower!
texas pete ho'sauce is my friend,
and between him, some butterish, a slap of vegenaise,
GPOP, black pepper, and some smoked paprika,
we made that cauli really go to eleven.
those sat on red cabbage, with red onions, pickled jalapenos,
pea shoots, and avocado!
all of that, and a little lime to crank up the flavor??
that's what i needed,
and i'm glad i got a-cookin' when i got home.
i don't always feel like it,
but that's no excuse not to get busy.
it finally happened.
i didn't think it was a thing, but it definitely is-
i can't eat as much food as i'm making.
i know!
my appetite for self-destruction has possibly overtaken my mealtime appetite.
there's more food than i can manage,
and i'm not about to get down and dirty with leftovers.
...that's living in the past,
and i'm looking to the future.
regrettably, i've got a fridge full of treats that aren't getting eaten,
and a nagging sense of wastefulness that's nibbling away at my conscience.
i don;t know what i'm going to do,
besides probably make a whole other 'nother new batch of something again this evening.
it's all really happening,
and it's overloading my kitchen with abundance.
i'm grateful for the providence of MORE,
i'm finally witnessing the results of too much being the right amount.
this is real life,
and it's got a glut of yesterdays taking up a whole lotta space;
never quiet, never soft.....

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