Wednesday, August 24

saying goodbye.

the best times always end too soon.
that's real.
it's a temporal shift between novelty and comfort,
as opposed to tedium and routine.
the same ol' sh!t passes without notice,
one dreary day melting into the next,
with each component minute taking forever to seep past our senses.
the big fun and big action of fresh family togetherness,
especially up here in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress?
we're all intensely aware of how rad our time with eachother is.
i mean,
it's so dope while it's happening...
...and it's ALL really happening;
that kind of connectedness just leaves us all wanting so much MORE.
too much is the right amount,
and our overlapping circles of spirit and memory,
and our intentional intensive gratitude and generosity,
mine, harvest's and maple's,
all seem to sync up like they're s'posed to.
we span time together, duders,
and it is good.
i got up late, and they got up early, so there were only about two hours in between
and in that time, i got some things in order.
one of 'em was a big ol' batch of panniecake batter.
that's right.
my patented proprietary oatmeal coconut vanilla superhottness was ready
for some serious griddle-sizzlin' cookie-cutter-shapin', son.
that's no joke.
we had one heck of a first meal,
and it made for one heck of a start to our last day here for some time.
check the BIG-breakfast-type teleport:

a stack of those hearty hotcakes,
drizzled with real maple syrup!
a scoople of scramble-
exxxtra-firm sprouted tofu crumbles,
GPOP'd, with tons of turmeric, a boost of nootch, black pepper, salt,
and a little paprika to make it pop.
that's a one block of' 'fu,
1 tsp each garlic and onion powders
(if you haven't already combined them)
2 tsp turmeric
thirteen twists of the pepper grinder on coarse,
a pinch of salt,
a dash of paprika,
and a gluggity-glug of olive oil.
go make it.
no. neighbors,
i mean go make it right now.
you need it.
i had bread in the oven at 450F,
and i stashed a quartet of diced potatoes in the oven while that worked itself out.
with a little oil, a little GPOP, and some salt,
they roasted themselves silly.
for how long?
until they were golden and crisp.
however long that takes.
check on your food, man. what can i tell you?
i sauteed those skin-on homeboys witth red onion, scallion,
smoked paprika, black peps, and of course, MORE GPOP.
we also had some of that prepackaged pretend canada-style
circular baconish pink stuff.
don't start with your high-horseplay, bro-
i don't always eat the manufactured stuff,
it sure does taste damned good with real maple syrup on top.
that's the truth.
BIG breakfast is something we all can get behind.
i mean,
why not start the day with excess?
that's the way we for really realsies doo-do that woodsly goodsly sh!t up here.
we went school shoppin', too.
we had to.
i mean,
that's kind of what fun vacation dads are s'posed to do.
we get the good pants,
and all the binders,
and fancy socks or whatever.
it's my pleasure to extend kindness to my children.
we have the best time,
and what's more,
they are genuinely appreciative.
which in turn makes it waaaaaaaay easier to be generous.
i am grateful for the time i have been given.
none of it is a guarantee,
and none of it is taken for granted.
we share a length of road as a family,
and we travel along as far as it'll take us.
this is What Is,
and it is pretty much the best part;
never quiet, never soft.....

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