Sunday, August 21


the swirls are key, kids.
in a cinnamon style bun,
there's only room for being expert.
anything else is bullsh!t,
and therefore not invited to sit with us at our breakfast table.
i was up early
(well, i was up at the same time i'm always up, which just happens to be early)
and very motivated to make a little somethin'-somethin' good for
me and my children.
cinnamon buns are always a favorite around here,
and the latest one-pan monkey bread jauns i've been working on
seem to have captured the hearts of these kids,
so i've GOT to play to the crowd, and get those big grins and big appetites going strong.
wanna see?
check the sixteen-spirals-type teleport:

i did it a little different this time,
i divided the dough in half after it rose,
and made two smaller logs of rolled sticky pre-bun tubularity-
that way,
i could cut 'em a bit bigger,
but still have MORE.
that's always good news, y'heard?
too much is the right amount.
the filling in the centers is so easy-
a little more than a cup of brown sugar,
a little less than half a cup of butterish,
a splash of vanilla,
a lot of cinnamon, and a little bit of nutmeg, allspice, ginger,
and a baby baby bit of clove,
creamed up into a mush, and left to soften a bit beyond that,
for spreadability in spades.
the dough?
that's a more involved, but barely-
3 cups of flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 T fast yeast
1/4 cup sugar
1 T golden flaxmeal
1 cup warm non-dairy milk
1 T wheat gluten (for ultimate rollout flexibility)
kneaded for seven hard minutes of pounding,
dough-hook stand mixer'd for about three,
with a ten minute rest after-
rolled about a 1/4 inch thick,
spread with that ooey-gooey goodness,
and tucked into a roll of dough and dopeness, in ascending echoes of excellence.
i rest 'em in the fridge for ten,
then cut 'em,
in this case two rolls each into eighths,
and put 'em all in a pattern  inside a buttered springform pan.
y'might wanna give them a little bit to get used to their new situation-
let's say about ten-fifteen mini-minutes,
and then they get baked in a 375F oven for 22 minutes,
or maybe more, depending on how brown you like 'em-
you'll have to use your best judgement here-
if they look raw, keep baking........
c'mon. don't be dumb.
once they're doe bubbling,
and cool enough to cut without ruining,
the glaze goes on top.
i use a very thick one, because when they're warm it melts too much and looks gross otherwise.
cinnamon, powdered sugar, vanilla, non-dairy milk, all by eye-
figure half a cup of sugar gets a 1/4 tsp vanilla and maybe a T of milkiness?
i dunno.
i just go with the feeling.
those pecans, tho!!!!
word up.
buttery pan warmed, with a vanilla extract deglaze,
and a quick toss in a cinnamon and powdered sugar dust-up?!?!?
and not being one to want to waste good sweets,
i used the leftover mixture as the start of my icing ingredients.
a good breakfast, with good people is what i'm all about.
i haven't made a cup of coffee in three weeks,
and i don't miss that at all,
but i'm crushing the irish breakfast tea scene like a thirsty killarneyean.
we wake up, and we do our thing,,
and we don't stop until well after dark.
it's all a part of a plan,
a long-term, big-picture method of becoming the best version of ourselves.
it isn't quick, and it isn't easy, and it surely isn't any FUN,
i believe it's worth it,
and that's kind of the point, right?
i hope so;
never quiet, never soft.....

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