Tuesday, August 30

local mushrooms!

i have a client named steve-
(in fact, i'm sure i have a great many)
but this particular steve is a heck of a nice guy.
so nice, actually, that he brought me three pounds of wild mushrooms as a tip!
lions' mane, elm oyster, kind trumpet oyster, shiitake, and chestnut,
all grown locally at the white mountain mushroom company
just a few minutes south of here!!
pretty rad, right?
i used the elm oysters last night,
sauteed in buttery garlic and onion, with lots of cracked black pepper!
how good were they
they were pretty F*ing oystery,
but i s'pose that's sorta the point.
check the teleport:

mushroom monday, with mild mexican undertones!
the mushies took care of themselves,
and the pea shoots and tomatoes certainly assisted with that-
but the BIG deal is those beans!
smoked paprika, liquid smoke, GPOP, black pepper, and cumin
make up the spice profile on 'em,
and the effect is one of superior hottness.
with onion strips, veggie bacon strips, and hot pepper rings?
sabor de explosivo!!
but wait, neighbors-
i didn't let it ride out from there.
i turned on the high-test nitro flavor, and went rogue into leafy green territory.
too much is the right amount.
and there's garlic-oil wilted kale there to prove just that.
scallions and toasted chia seeds are both rad.
together, in long grain white rice, they're flippin' expert.
that's no joke.
dinner was a success without my even breaking a sweat.
it was quick, and easy, and delicious, duders...
and afterwards?
me and crabtree hung out and digested our meals in the warm glow of
the firefly faeriefire in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.

i'm trying to tire him out, and pay him more attention,
without suffering the ill effects of attrition and attenuation
from all this daily F*ing uphill walking.
i mean it.
i don't mind being outside with my boy-o,
it's just that second walk after work every day,
as the nights creep up closer and quicker and colder.
it's not exactly a good time.
not one little bit.
we're going through toy after toy, tearing with teeth, pulling with nails,
barking and bashing and smashing through the house....
yeah, sometimes crabby does it too.
i'd love to eat out more.
i would.
that's real.
indian, thai, pizza (naturally) maybe even a veggie burger and fries-
the thing is,
what would i write about here?
and what would that little doodiehead do after already being cooped up all day?
what needs doing is what gets done.
external luxuries and indulgences don't fit into our schedule-
it's all hermit hottness and fancy good-good for one (+ dog)
this is it.
a rigorous routine of effort and labor and lengthy pursuits of improvement,
where the only real break i get is to go to real work,
and actually be around real live people for a little bit.
it's all really happening,
sort of a proof-positive photo-negative upside-down inside-out trip
through my very own Folk Life folklore;
never quiet, never soft.....

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