Monday, July 4


everybody likes cupcakes.
or, at least,
everybody who isn't an A*-hole likes 'em.
and then again,
maybe even some A*-holes also might like a cuppy little cakelet, too.
i LOVE a good cupcake,
and i love a good holiday,
especially if there's explosions in the sky at the end.
i can't say for certain that i wanna go look at burning powders
glittering overhead once it's dark,
but i will proudly exclaim that i will eat way too many cupcakes.
because too much is the right amount,
and that's about the most proudly all-american sentiment i can muster up.
check the captain-ameri'cakes-type teleport:

vegan white chocolate is mostly cocoa buttery powder,
but when you add some non-dairy milk to it,
you get the big flavor and the that thickness you crave, man.
it's basically pudding in the mix,
none of it is box mix,
because box mix is for jerks.
that's real.
i've talked about cakes and frosting a lot over the years,
so i'll skip it this time if it's all the same to you.
i will, however, get psyched as heck on those sprankles.
red white and blue little sparkle jauns,
and those fancy stars, too.
it's america's 240th,
and it's a nice day outside.
i've got good to prep,
but i've also got walks to take,
moves to make,
bread to bake,
and a whole lotta outside times to enjoy with my idiot canine companion.
he's not a genius.
...definitely not a genius.
he IS a good guy, though, friends,
and my crappy little crabtree and i are gonna span a whole lot of today together,
being a pair of pals and buddies who like being with each other.
we're going to have a running battle against each others' infinite animal natures,
and we'll find out if brute force and teeth trump insight, intuition, and thumbs.
it's bound to be one or the other,
we'll have to see where the afternoon takes us.
after all,
it's bound to be a big day,
because berfdays are always a helluva time.
today is the day, and i'm excited to watch it unfold,
and eventually go kaboom.
i'm grateful for the time i have been given,
and for the people i would normally span it with,
if they didn't all have something better to do.
whatever, kids,
that's just more mutha-effin' cupcakes and pizza for ME;
never quiet, never soft.....

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