Thursday, July 7

better and better.

what a day.
me and my dog walked all over the flippin' neighborhood,
the long way,
just because it's a day off doesn't mean it's a do-nothin' day.
i mean,
what even are those?
i was up and at 'em early, and i went right to work on some treats.
the sourdough starter was active as heck,
so i tried my hand at some sloppy wet dough-
that's sticky.
in 90F weather, a 70+% hydration level is pretty wet.
and things got gummy up in here all day long.
maybe you're into the science of bread,
maybe you like weighing things.
or measuring.
maybe you just like that taste,
maybe you get RID of your crusts, where all the flavor hangs out,
because you hate things that are awesome.
i don't know you, man.
all i know is that bread is expert.
homemade bread is double-expert.
and these loaves i've got over here are shaping up to be some tasty treats.
heck, i'm reppin' Tea'N'Toast as i type right now.
check the teleport:

100% white mountain white wheat sourdough.
looks pretty good and tastes pretty great, i think.
there IS a blowout, just out of frame, where all that dreamy steam escaped in a hurry.
i'm gonna go ahead and chalk that up to inexperience,
as it also spread a bit when it hit the hot cast iron.
while i'm confessing-
i probably could've cold-proofed it a little longer for more sour flavor,
all told, it's got the best crumb yet,
which isn't saying too much,
given the dense bombers that the whole wheat and the rye have been so far.
i mean it.
my first half rye, light rye, whole wheat jaun looks so sexxxy,
but yo'd better bring your molars to the party,
because it is super-delicious, but molto SOLID.
check the teleport:

the flavor is incredible, and the crust is fully on point,
the thing is,
even with considerable oven spring, it uniformly rose,
without any big bubbles in the crumb.
as toast, it's elite,
as a sandwich bread it's got some strength,
and it's chewy, like old world rye always is, too.
i'm getting right into this bread scene.
homemade, hearty, from-scratch batches of big action are always my favorite-
and the active participation i can engage in gives me all the good feels.
no joke.
i like to make things.
look, kids,
getting the freshie-fresh storebought jauns from the local organic oven spot is fine.
that's good for the community, or something.
this way,
i'm putting all my heart and soul,
time, energy, and love,
into the creation, as well as the consumption,
of these circles of cracked grains, water, leaven, and salt.
that's what's up.
i'm getting better each try?
hold on-
i'm getting a bit better as i get more comfortable with the process,
each and every time!
that's more like it.
good bread makes better people.
i believe it.
and my bread is getting gooder all the time.
oh, c'mon.
i'm lucky to have the resources,
and the friends,
and the short times in between bigger times,
to check in, calm down,
fold over, and rise up with these loaves.
i know it,
and i'm improving myself as i enrich the gluten.
it's synergy, i think.
one leaven, two expansions.
it's all really happening;
never quiet, never soft.....

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