Monday, July 18

ampy does it.

i gotta tell you about what's poppin'!
ampy-d made something expert,
and i'm pretty psyched about it.
i came home to a flippin' elite dinnertime,
and i ate pounds of it before i even realized what i was doing-
that's no joke.
check the potful-of-power-type teleport:

farro and mixed greens on the bottom,
black beans, tofu, sweet potatoes, avocado, fried plantains,
and homemade pico de gallo on top!!!
holy crapola,
it's a giant tub of pure hottness,
and it was already ready when i walked i the door.
sunday nights get righteous when there's exxxtra time for dog walks
and long talks with a lovely ladyfriend,
because the food is good, and hot, and waiting to be devoured
without any post-work prep time.
i'm lucky to have somebody who gives enough of a sh!t about me
to spend half a day off making something great.
a second plus-sized bowl made that evening walk a mandatory excursion.
for realsies.
i couldn't pretend i would resist mashing my face into another heaping helping,
and i helped myself to it like i was entitled to all the edible excellence in my edifice.
i'm just so super into eating food, dudes.
radical vegan eats,
and radical vegan sweets,
and radical vegan treats,
all for me!!
there's dough on the counter, kids.
lots of it.
i got one sourdough bulk fermenting right now,
and i've got another waiting to mix-
i've ALSO got a super-semolina high-hydration pizza dough proofing, as well.
it's party time over at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
and even though nobody else is coming,
because nobody else is invited,
there's still a whole lot of productive preparation underway.
i do that sort of sh!t,
because i look forward to enjoying solid sustenance,
shoved soulfully into my contrarian countenance.
there's tasty piece who made me a superior sunday supper
who deserves a return of the favor,
and i'm pretty sure a pile of pizzas is gonna pull me about even with her effort.
it's ALL really happening,
and yeah,
it usually revolves around food,
but since when is THAT weak sauce?
this is What Is,
and it's best way i can think of it being;
never quiet, never soft.....

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