Monday, July 18


the very rainy nights and mornings,
plus the cool-hot-muggy-wet-cool temperature cycle
are all the stimulus that all the secret underground natural world needs
to signal the eruption of all the fruity spore carrying weathermakers
that have been patiently waiting in the soil,
enriching the mould with their fungy freshness.
it's mushroom time up here in the woodsly goodness.
check the teleport:

i'm just sayin',
nature sure knows how to surprise me.
every day, there are new toadstools and turkey tails and buttons bursting
up and out along my daily walking route,
and it's exciting to me.
from one day to the next,
the whole landscape is altered with all these colorful caps.
crabtree couldn't care less,
and if he's noticed at all,
it's to step on them,
not eat them;
which i s'pose is a good thing,
since a super-sick hallucinating canine battle-beastly battering ram
is NOT what i need in my life.
there are fairy/faerie fury rings,
and little villages of gilled globes,
and all of them, all around me,
are pretty flippin' expert.
check it:

it looks like a pine-needle covered one-legged jellyfish!!
that's pretty cool if you ask me.
there's plenty more where that came from:

nature wins, duders.
i like it when there's flora flourishing.
and i also like it when there's fresh-baked bread!
wait, what?
i'm speaking on natural living secret organisms making their presence felt, man.
get with it.
i'm making connections,
and i'm following the train of thought to the next stop.
check the white-mountain-white-sourdough-type teleport:

another 'nother loaf of that bright white bouncy big business.
high hydration, bubbly crumb, subtly sharp sour flavor,
and a crust that is zero percent weak.
i'm on it.
and i'm really getting comfortable with what i'm doing.
we're going on a month, now.
a whole new adventure,
wherein i make my own,
do it myself,
and create something from the simplest of stuff.
it's kind of the way it's always been,
just taken to a more deliberately independent level.
i'm a hermit on a hill, filling up this Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
one the ones, i'm walled in by mountains,
and beset upon all sides by easier ways and shortcuts that must be avoided.
the hardest smarter way is what i'm choosing-
with more work, invention, attention, and intention,
and i'm allowing the wider wooded wolds of my small small world
to include me in their gentle, understated unfolding along the
creases and folds of a secret plan that is slowly revealing itself.
i am grateful for the time i have been given,
and for the places where i'm spanning the minutes among the mycelium;
never quiet, never soft.....

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