Wednesday, July 13

soft flours

every time it comes around,
every single week,
i get SO psyched!
and what's more,
i can't resist cooking up a whole variety of stuff,
to stuff up on those soft flour circular portable plates.
check the teleport:

i'm just sayin'-
each and every taco explosion gets my heartstrings thrumming.
ampy-d made the fiesta guac',
exxxtra-chunky this time around,
but still molto molto good!
she also activated the ho'sauce and nootch-blasted refried beans.
(she's a huge fan of 'em)
that's good news, when you're getting home a little late,
after working on all the tattoos i could fit in,
including walk-ins,
throughOUT the whole day-
a headstart like that is nice,
because i get that boost-up to arrive home and really dive in deep right away.
i filled those F*ers with all the hottness we had on hand:
spicy chili-leek seared seitan,
with big green onion rings and and bigger green pepper strips,
and all the herbs that make it rock the party...
i made blackeyed peas! with red onion, and tomato wedges, and GPOP,
plus butterish and oil and cilantro by the handful.
that's new, and an improvement, to be sure.
coconut scallion brown rice is tasty, and when you add it to the other stuff,
it's totally expert.
synergistic tastes, playing off of each other,
and helping each achieve so much MORE.
i'm kind of into that super hard.
pan-fried zucchini and summer squash, in all the spicy saucy leavin's from the seitan?
oh heck yeah, that's about the best way to enjoy a couple of squishers, anyway.
i put 'em down on mixed greens, and shredded red cabbage, and even a punch of cilantro.
that's variety, kids.
i go for it whenever and wherever,
because i'm determined not to eat ugly food.
i turned the whole plate up with red onion, scallion, tomato,
AND cilantro sprankles!
you know why-
because too much is the right amount!!
just to burn a patch of butthole right off,
i poured on the ho'sauce like a thirsty dragon,
and let the good times drip and drop into my mouth!!!
taco tuesday is dope.
i know it's an alliterative cliche',
look man,
i realllllly like those.
i'm guilty as charged.
i just hope i'm doing it justice,
because i'm doing it the best way i know how-
which is of course to say,
i'm OVERdoing it.
that's the path i'm on,
and that's the direction i'm heading in.....
it's all really happening,
folded over into semicircles, so the edges touch;
never quiet, never soft.....

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