Friday, July 29


hey neighbors!
i think you might've noticed already,
if you're one of the regular readers here;
i'm still gonna say it-
we eat a LOT of tacos at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress.
yeah, we really do.
and not one of us is bummed out about it.
for starters,
TACOS ARE expert.
we don't eat the same ones every time.
no way.
each time that it's taco time,
i try to bring something that's got a little new hottness to the table.
for realsies, man.
be it a bean or a bed of greens,
i'm trying to keep it fresh.
and the freshest thing about tacos?
as long as it's folded in a flour circle, i'm pretty sure it counts as a taco.
soft corn is crackable crap,
and crawnchy tacos are pure bullsh!t, bro.
rules is rules.
anywhere else, the taco shell debate is welcome and i'm open to it-
but here?
in MY house?
we do it like we mean it, and that necessitates the best ones.
soft. flour. tortilla. jauns.
so, decrees aside and notwithstanding-
check the thursday-night-taco-dinner-type teleport:

the other day, my kid got the wrong lentils cookin',
and they'd been cold-coolin' in the fridge since then.
so we fired 'em up, and added some vidalia onion,
and oregano, and cumin, and coriander,
and made ourselves some elite crumbly bean bits,
in the flavor and style of american taco time.
i grilled up some fresh sweet corn, too.
that's usually a good idea, i've learned,
and the lesson stood up to the test of a hungry thursday evening.
we had a whole mess of top-shelf top-offs, too-
rough chopped red onion,
roma tomato,
shishito pepper,
baby kale,
shredded red & green cabbage,
and scallion sprankles,
finished off with sour-cream-and-lime dressing!!!
as if that wasn't enough, there's wedges of lime,
to really activate the citrusy zizzy-zazzlin' zing in each and every bite!!
you know how it is, man-
too much is the right amount.
i want tacos, often.
(for the record, i had pizza for lunch- i haven't forgotten who my favorite is)
i want tacos often, and in abundance.
i want tacos often, in abundance, and in variety.
that's what i want.
the best part about a simple, big action, burly barbarian batch of beans'n'stuff?
the kids love 'em,
and they're impressed when the whole meal comes together in minutes.
keepin' it coarse, on our course sped it all up tenfold.
fresh chopped blops will shave huge chunks of time,
proportionate to the huge chunks of food on each circle.
word up.
vegan tacos explosivo is where we're at when it's just three out of four of us
sittin' pretty at the counter,
crushing supper into submission like we're on a mission.
the whole damn fam couldn't be present,
as ampy-d had to go get those mama marinara movie checks.
we made do, naturally,
and the meal filled in the spot where she'd have sat.
food is a big part of my day.
i mean, for serious.
i've got bread in the oven,
bread in the toaster,
coffee in the french press,
tea in my belly already,
and grains in every container in the house.
there's a whole lot more of all of it headed our way,
and tonight?
tonight it's gotta be stir-fryday, right?
i think that sounds pretty good.
i s'pose i'll have to inspect the crisper in the fridge,
and see what's good in there.
my kids have got an interest in expertism,
and some boring ol' bowl of beige just isn't gonna sate it.
we get after it.
that's the way we are.
when these offspring get back to connecticut,
i'm sure they'll have a new repertoire of recipes to impress
their friends with.
i dunno if they do that or not,
but i'd hope that they know how essential competent culinary culture is.
i can't stress it enough, without stressing out about it.
good food is important,
and sharing it with good people only ever makes both components more expert.
that's the truth.
i'm teaching the youth, y'feel me?
warrior poetry is a whole lot like wu-TANG:
it's for the children;
never quiet, never soft.....

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