Sunday, July 3


i can't help myself.
it's the most-time consuming activity in every day.
i fixate on meals,
i dwell on spices,
i ponder the infinite nature of cheffing it up.
i make food so i have something to discuss.
and it follows that sourdough saturday means sourdough sandwiches.
i'm sayin'-
it sounds right to me,
and it turned out pretty righteous, too.
good bread makes a great sandwich.
i mean it,
last night's meal was very comforting,
and we took that comfort and stuffed ourselves to bursting with it.
it's OVER indulging that we promote the hardest,
and putting comfort food in your face until you're physically UNcomfortable?
well, now-
too much is the right amount,
and you all already knew that before we started.
check the mean-manly-'guini-type teleport:

that's the thumper that bumps up my expert levels considerably.
buttered, toasted white sourdough slices,
which would've been satisfying all alone-
packed up with piles of flavor, texture, and heat.....
big pickles are mandatory,
but we also had thin sliced juicy vine-ripened tomatoes!
that's drippily double juicy!
there's slaw, in a heap, as well.
that slaw?
thiiiin shreds of red cabbage, a heavy-handful of cilantro, slivered carrot,
tiny crescents of celery, miniature ringlets of green onion,
black pepper, sea salt, and the last slap of vegenaise in the jar.
huh...what now?
OBviously there's a side of it, too, with some crawnchy cukes to set it off
with a little cool, crisp crackle on the edges of every bite.
i'm sorta smart about that stuff, because i'd hate to miss out on a prefect bite,
just because i didn't think through the textures or something.
c'mon, man.
it's worth the effort, because you get to snack up on the rewards.
back to that sandwich:
dry-fried agave-glazed GPOP'd garlic-oil tofu is good!
sweet, firm, hot, and heavy, ready, and willing,
to turn up the sandwich game to eleven.
it did.
but then we took it a few steps beyond.
shredded seitan and red onions, sauteed in soy and smoke and spice,
for a barbecutioned blast of pulled-porky power, without a single dead pig!!
fresh red onion, paper thin, and semi-circular,
completed the look,
but sriracha squiggles finished the even bigger picture for us.
a good sandwich at the end of a good day is the right way to fuel up
for a good night's rest.
there's just one last thing, though:
spicy cajun french-style fried potatoes, in big loops, swirls, and arcs!!!!
so we did.
and for realsies,
comfort just isn't as comforting without potatoes, duders.
that's a fact.
patriotic long weekending is upon us.
i've got tonight to really take advantage of it,
because tomorrow is looking a whole lot emptier.
the studio is closed,
ampy d is abandoning ship for a bullsh!t batch of beaches and b!tches,
and crabtree hasn't had the pleasure of explosions in the sky yet,
so there's no telling how he'll react.
(i suspect, as in all of these things, nothing good will come of it)
to recap:
that's no money,
no honey,
and only the battle-beastliness of my barbarian terrier to keep me occupied.
hard styles sometimes choose us,
before we can opt for wrench ourselves.
preemptive fourth of july fizzling is what i'm bracing for,
but who knows?
maybe independence on the day is in the spirit and memory of the right move,
and the declaration of some kind of good stuff?
i'll cross my fingers,
but by that i mean, both middle one,
in an X,
and stay ugly, stay dope,
and stay the (collision)course i'm bearing down.
it's all really happening,
and i think there's probably something to be learned in all of it,
but i'm steadfastly and stubbornly refusing to see it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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