Sunday, July 31

blue mood.

that's that.
another 'nother family vacation at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress
has reached it's finale.
as usual,
we had a great time,
and we made some great food,
and all together the whole crew really worked as a team,
like a real family.
like all things made out of borrowed time,
eventually there has to be a return- this case,
the kids are going over, rather than down, before they head UP.
they're going to canada,
and after i rendezvous with their other family,
i'm going straight to work.
that's right.
i'm headed out to vermont and back before lunch,
and i'll be tattblastin' away for the rest of the day after that.
up and at 'em, and then back at 'em.
that's how i cope with all varieties of loss, duders-
work is the answer.
and working smarter at working harder is the only way i know how to do it.
on the ones,
when it comes to problem solving-
if i can't work AT it,
then i'm sure as sh!t gonna work THROUGH it.
word up.
y'know what might help me stay strong today?
good guess.
cake is the answer.
because cake is good for you,
and cake is what's happening.
check the blueberries-everywhere-type teleport:

bloobz are the stuff of august, but we're a bit ahead of the game in these hills.
blueberries in the cake make an already moist and rich treat even better.
that's real.
i did this:
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/3 cup sugar
1 stick butterish
2 tsp vanilla
.5 tsp salt
^^creamed it, and tossed in:
1 cup plain coconut yogurt
1 T lemon zest
1.5 cups flour
3/4 cup ground oats
1/3 cup tapioca
1 cup of bloobs
1 tsp each kapowder and soda
1/2 cup non-dairy milk
that's it!
a greased pan, a 350F oven,
and like, 45 minutes?
the middle of a giant manly round muffiny monster like this
needs a little exxxtra time to catch a whole dose of the heat.
it's cool.
i always multitask while i bake anyway.
lemon creamchee frosting is pretty F*ing tasty,
but this hot A* kitchen wasn't cooperating at all.
see how there's a double layer?
melting and melting and melting some more.
i'm wondering if earth balance didn't change up their recipe?
i went heavy on the sugar, and light on the soft stuff,
and STILL, the melt kept crushing my spirits.
it's ok.
i just added more blueberries, to make myself feel better.
we've had a time.
all of us.
i count myself among the lucky ones.
i've had a tremendous week,
and whatever the price tag ends up being,
metaphysically speaking,
it can't undo the time we've already spent.
once it's gone, it's gone,
but if it was good?
the memory goes up in value.
i'm appreciating, therefore, on several levels.
it's all really happening,
and all that's already happened?
super expert.
whatever comes after that has got an awfully high bar to measure up to;
never quiet, never soft.....

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