Wednesday, July 20

estoy bien.

you know what yesterday was, right?
once again,
me and ampy-d had to have a little somethin' somethin' that was
alliteratively appropriate to the weekday dinner scene...
it's never just tuesday IS it?
no way.
it's only ever acceptable when you give it the due and proper respect
of the honorific: it's mutha-flippin' TACO TUESDAY!!!
and the terrible tinieblas quite simply can't compete
with that bright bright bright sunshiny hottness folded over,
and turbo-fresh-to-death on our plates.
that's no joke.
this time around?
we went for spicy.
picante excelente is the way of the future,
and we're not about to keep living in the past, if you feel me...
check the muy-mucho-mas-type teleporte':

that's the NOISE right there, neighbors.
loud, fresh, and soft-shelled-
because the crawnchy jauns are what poor people do.
stop it.
don't let my firmly entrenched, ingrained, and embedded innate avoidance
of hard corn crap crisps detract from the floury circles of sexxiness, tho.
they were SO good.
i made a little batch of very garlicky, very jalapenified slasa fresca,
and ampy-d took care of the fiesta rainbow guacamole,
so there were ample opportunities for thickness to emerge on top.
nootch-boosted buttery refried beans, with onion, jalapeno, and garlic,
plus that GPOP-rockin' nutrient-rich ho'sauce-upgraded activation,
because that is the lady's favorite part;
i had to hook those up, in the spirit of teamwork an' that.
so you wanna know about that tofu?
smoky, thick crisp teeny cubes of crucial taste and texture-
packed with regular and smoked paprika, toasted cumin, oregano,
fried tomatillo and vidalia onion,
nootch, GPOP, black pepper, cayenne, liquid smoke and a splishy-splash of soy.
it's got an afterburn that pleasantly piques the palate, and i like that sort of tingle.
i do.
three sisters-style succotash hash?
don't mind if i do.
red onion and red pepper, tossed with grilled corn, black beans,
and fried summery squashes,
for a tres hermanas magical bruja brand of sorcery that transcends any one element!!
i like to freak it off,
and those pluots did the trick.
fruit on tacos is expert,
especially with a sour cream cilantro garlic lime sauce!
tomatoes, scallions, cilantro, baby spinach, red lettuce, AND pea shoots
all played their roles to perfection,
and a few lime wedges really dressed the dish up right.
you know the rules, man-
too much is the right amount.
anything else is disrespectful to the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
and to the feats of feasting i've come to appreciate as a matter of fact.
good food makes for good times,
and spanning time in the presence of picturesque presentation is good for you.
that's the truth.
there's a system in place, whether or not you choose to see it.
gratitude and generosity;
active participation and professional appreciation;
spirit and memory;
high definition super stereo surround, bass-boosted and barbarian battle-blasted-
these are the tenets that define my daily doings,
and that's the way i'm going to continue to immerse myself in my life.
dinner is just one aspect, kiddo.
it's ALL really happening,
and there's NO time for wasting,
only for tasting and testing and striving towards being the best version
of your potential self.
there's full moon magnetism, and werewolfen wherewithal
pulling from without and within,
and there're tough times, long nights, hard styles, and rough treatment
all around all of us trying to chart a coarse course through tight spots and deep waters.
here's the thing, though-
nature wins.
each and every time.
infinite nature is just an extension of mama nature,
so i s'pose it makes more sense to stop fighting the berserker animorphic
metabolic alchemy of taut tendons and temper tantrums,
and follow the rhythm into a synced steady hard-style pounding drum/heart/breakbeat.
stop thinking, and start activating-
that's what's on the menu today!
i've got moves to make,
and i'm going to pursue my pugnacious prerogative to the pinnacle
of participatory prowess.
there's no time to worry,
only to DO some things.
rye in the oven,
seitan on the stove,
chee'cake in the processor,
and every single cell packed to the permeable membrane with intentional expertism.
today is the day,
and it's GOT to be a good one;
never quiet, never soft.....

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