Friday, July 22


in less than an hour,
i'm on the road.
headed south for a meet-up/pick-up/peel-out like 1-2-3.
i've got lots to talk about,
but no time to type.
i'll make it quick, and i'll make it outta here on schedule.
maybe if i hadn't stopped to mix up some sourdough white,
and knead it into the future, i'd have had more time?
i dunno.
good bread is essential to good times,
so there's that.
even if my face is pinched, and my nerves are wracked by the hourglass
leaking sand into the bottom-half.
i mean,
when an hourglass is half full, but it's the low-end?
essentially, it's empty, right?
that's rough.
today is the day.
this is it.
my children, harvest and maple,
are coming back up to the woodsly goodness,
to hang out for a few weeks in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
and really make some superfresh family togtherness explode into being!!
meanwhile, i'm trying to ge the high-hydration ratio
of a nearly-by-eye estimated dough into a stable matrix,
so it'll be explosively expert when it hits the oven at this time tomorrow.
planning ahead makes the best foot fall far further forward
than just making the best of whatever happens to happen.
i've got a huge appointment at the studio today,
so it's gonna be a brutal roundtrip roundhouse kick to the front of my pants,
as i fly by the seat of 'em down and up and into the shop.
good thing i know there's still chee'cake waiting for me!!
check the teleport:

too much is the right amount,
and that's the only way to activate a proper treat.
real talk.
i've got swedish-style lemon snap cookie crumb crust on the bottom,
buttery, lemon juicy, lemon extracted, and kissed with coconut and vanilla-
the two-tone tiered creamy chee' cake middle is the TRUTH, too.
a full pressed silken tofu brick,
one and a half vegan creamchee' tubs,
a generous 1/3 cup of kapowdered sugar,
3 T flour
3 T arrowroot
3 T tapioca
lemon zest, lemon juice, vanilla, lemon extract,
and all the love in my whole heart went into the food processor,
and that's what came out.
i reserved half, and yellowed up the other,
so i could have that exxxtra-sexxxy look to the thing.
i'm just sayin'-
if you CAN eat pretty food,
you probably should.
i baked the crust for ten minutes,
and i added the filling, and fired it back in the oven for another 33 minutes.
that's the standard 350F setup,
which seems to work pretty dang well.
when it was cool enough to eff with, i had to decorate those jauns.
with what?
how about three rings of lemon-juiced lemon-extracted frosting?
i doo-do that zingy zizzle-zazzle sh!t, neighbors.
why wouldn't i take it to eleven?
lemon zest sprankles??
i want all the cool and creamy hottness,
and i'll NEED those nuances when i arrive at work later.
on the ones,
a rip-roarin' ragnarokin' wedge of that stuff is gonna have to recharge my reserves
so i can pound away on my tattoo game for the remains of the day,
leading up to dinnertime and family time and better and better times.
i've got showers to take, moves to make,
and dough to fold over in the hopes of forming elaborate gluten chains.
i'm out of time,
but i thank you for spending yours here for a minute;
never quiet, never soft.....

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