Thursday, July 7

spicy nights.

i'm not about to chump out just because i've been hanging out
with crabtree at home every night,
which is what i always do anyway,
but since sunday,
that's been ALL that's happening,
while ampy-d nacypantsed through a verrry long weak-end
on the cape of cod in asscrackachusetts.
the thing is,
i really like making our wednesday mealtimes special.
sure, they all are,
but on my day away from work, i can start early,
and get involved in some more-time-consuming elements.
this time around,
without my dinner date,
i opted to turn up the spice, and engulf my face in flames.
(it didn't quite work out like that, but it sure was a tasty meal)
i still made the magic, like a druid, even,
straight from my own backyard.
i mean it-
years ago, i planted some mint.
it has since spread out,
and hidden itself far and away from where it was originally rooted.
i went out hunting, and snipped some basil while i was at it,
and brought those leaves right inside,
as a necessary activation element in some fresh summer basil rolls.
rice wrappers, cukes, basil, (purple and green),
mint, cilantro, scallions, lettuce, pea shoots, and red cabbage-
rolled up tight and chilled the F* out for a bit.
that was actually one of two mint/basil/cilantro treats
i used to offset the boomfire of my main course...
check the teleport:

cold farro salad, with that trio of thai-style herbs,
red onion, salt, and a whole lotta lime juice.
i put some purple tomatoes on the sides,
so i could scoople 'em up, and activate an even bigger taste with each bite.
i'm like that.
trying to upgrade the newest model before there's even an official taste test.
that's my thing, neighbors-
too much is the right amount.
that's why i brought some big juicy jauns to the plate,
and let the ingredients do their thing.
i got garlic'd wilted beet greens.
shredded, flashed in oil, and lightly steamed for a second-
what'd i do with those dumb red stems?
i did the thing you should do with them,
IF you're serious about being expert.
i mooshed 'em up with olive oil, salt, pepper, GPOP,
lots of fresh garlic, red onion, and a stalk of that purple basil,
and made a pesto!!!!
i needed a secondary sauce for the vegetable portion of my pile of eats-
stir-fried onion, garlic, celery, rainbow peppers and chilis,
for that hot and sweet accentuation of the cauliflower and the asparagus.
a mound of salty, spicy, scrumpty-umptuous firm but tender veg,
ready for pesto'ing, and then subsequently mixing in with
the sriracha smoked red curry tofu!!!
smoked paprika, turmeric, cayenne, coriander seed, smoked cumin,
basil, GPOP, soy, rice vinegar, black pepper, mustard seed,
a little arrowroot, and a LOT of sriracha,
as well as two other other ho' sauces-
chili lime and chili garlic....
oh, and a splash of texas pete, too.
hot, and delicious, and sticky, on that dry fried tofu,
so that the sauce sucked itself right in there,
and made a mess of everything in the best way possible.
lime zest, cilantro, and fried garlic sprankles finished it all off,
and took the whole shootin' match up to eleven.
i do what i do, no matter what,
but i enjoy it so much more when i'm doing it for and with somebody i like.
i made enough for three,
i ate enough for two and a half,
and i missed my routine exxxtra hard for amber's absence.
things get back on track.
crabby and i have had a good time together,
but i'm ready to get back to the literal drawing board,
and create some other other art.
....the kind i can't eat.
until then,
i'm working.
and i'm bringing bread and muffins with me.
i like a little snack while i zap,
and i'm willing to share if you're willing to stop by;
never quiet, never soft.....

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