Thursday, July 14


i spent so much time walking around in the woodsly goodness yesterday
i didn't cook a damned thing!!
i was on a mission, guys.
that's real.
out scavenging conifer burls, root balls, and effed-up looking branches,
while crabtree tried to eat all of them as fast as i could collect them.
me and my dog, struggling, straggling, searching and searching for fresh finds
among and within the hillside trees of this pretty elite secret neighborhood.
the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress doesn't really connect to any other streets.
it's on a dead end,
and that's (hopefully) NOT a metaphor,
but it's a free standing offshoot of the normal byways and backroads,
and as such,
it stands apart.
oh, well, i mean,
if you go creepin' through some yards and trails,
you'll hit roads eventually;
but it's got the same challenge that i face surrounding it-
it's in the desirable designated demographic,
but it lacks convenient accessibility.
no joke.
my home is a parallel to my person....
fringe elements of new hottness,
just far away enough from the transverse traffic that might call attention to it
to be a refuge from everywhere else,
but jussssssst close enough that with a little effort,
there's community and cooperation waiting on the outskirts.
i spent some time trekking,
and some more time collecting,
and then,
when i couldn't stand the sun burning my body to cinders any longer?
i walked home and started making something.
check the folk-art-battle-beasts-type teleport:

.......and they don't even look like this anymore!
they're more like this:

and this:

a lot of minutes went into the staining, painting, arranging, and
ornamenting of these inaction figures...
i do have to admit:
it's harder than i thought it'd be to make coarse and rustic creations.
i keep moving things around, and adjusting the broken bits
until they start to get just a little too smooth.
i'm not braggin',
i'm lamenting.
i guess i always want to add MORE,
until it stops being primitive,
and just becomes fancy garbage.
too much is the right amount,
but maybe what i need to focus on is too much sh!ttiness,
and a little less effed-up unnecessary accessorizing?
we'll see what happens, if i get five minutes to do something besides tattoo today.
that's real.
i've got a full schedule of hard styles and tough calls,
and as much as i CAN fit in, i'm GONNA fit in.
if that means my boxy beastboards lay headless for a little longer,
i didn't even cook anything yesterday,
so they've already received ample attention from me.
scrap wood;
leftover wood stain;
found debris;
hot glue;
pegs and nails;
and time, which is the only thing i spent yesterday.
i s'pose it's good, once in a while,
to just get up and get going on something.
i should've maybe mowed the lawn?
i dunno.
the grass will still be long today and tomorrow, too,
whereas inspiration strikes when you least expect it,
and it seems wasteful to squander it.
today is a new day,
and we'll see how it moves;
never quiet, never soft.....

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