Wednesday, July 6

ningun problema.

hey there, friends-
yesterday was a mess.
no. for serious.
a mess.
appointments canceling,
haircut gossiping,
grateful dead tattooing.....
a lot of little lumpy obstacles kept trying to insinuate some stink-eyed
suck-salad into an otherwise beautiful day.
i didn't let any of it distract and detract from my goal-
a good dinner and big hang outs with my four-legged battle-beast.
me and crabtree 
and a long evening turning into night as a pair of exercising animals.
he loves the attention,
and car rides, and people watching-
i love the company,
and the cuddly tendencies of my terrier when no one else is around
but before that, the good food portion of the program popped off
and produced some prime pleasures for my piehole.
the dinner plan?
not grocery shopping meant making do with what we had on hand.
and what was freshly at the ready was a mack-hand slap of powerpoint fuerte fuego.
you saw the calendar, you know what's up.
rules is rules, man.
i mean it.
the thing is,
even the staples of my normal mexican martes would've taken more time
than i wanted to spend on a very necessary, pressing,
and urgent quick-and-dirty dose of TACO TUESDAY soft flour circles
of conjuration and summoning.
you'll see.....
check the sans-guac-y-refrieds-type teleport:

i had all the pans going at once,
because i want what i want, and i want it NOW.
i was just trying to get all the food in my very hungry facepiece as rapidly as possible.
i used cheater rice, i have to admit, but i doctored it up to repair the rift
that a splurge in fast long-grain shortcutting created.
macerated jalapeno and scallion, and salt, and a little lime juice,
and the shystie rice became much fancier in a hurry.
i had three pans, and more than one kind of food in each-
broth-simmered sweet potato, with cayenne, and GPOP, and coriander?
grilled fresh-off-the-cob local sweet corn?
that's the stuff.
tiny cubes of blackened herb superfirm tofu, dry-fried,
then activated with straight outta the garden oregano, GPOP, smoky paprika,
black pepper, and nootch?
heck yes, duders.
little roly-poly pieces of crisp-edged chewy hottness are always welcome at my fiesta.
no doubt.
i even took some homemade seitan sausage, chopped it to bits,
and seared 'em alongside some red onion, garlic, and a couple of cholula ho' sauces,
for a verry spicy, exxxtra-tangy doused dose of dopeness.
i doo-doo that variety-style freaky sh!t.
i don't want just one kind of taco,
and i can appreciate the diversity of a wide spectrum of special ingredients.
baby spinach, red lettuce, fancy baby lettuce, shredded red cabbage,
 and coarsely chopped cilantro, all complete the base for these build-ups.
i also put some of my custom from-scratch salsa verde up on some,
a little-cilantro-lime cashew cream,
and red onion and cilantro sprankles, on others.
even a little heirloom tomato magic, which didn't hurt a damned thing.
sliced jalapeno?
don't mind if i do.
a little MORE heat is good for you
and strawberry!
what are you?
of COURSE strawberry!!!
i'll add some farm-fresh fruit to my meal if i wanna,
and i'll enjoy it a whole bunch while i do..
what are THOSE?
i fried up some super thin zucchini and summer squash crisps.
and HOLY SH!T-
that took the already expert everything way up there,
to a level eleven off-the-charts experience,
and all of this was underway and inside my bellyhole with 30 minutes or so.
there was enough for 7 tacos,
and a few scoops of rice beyond that.
oh, yeah.
there was nothing left over.
i mean, after all,
i'm filling up the places where i would've put friendships with tacos.
introverted hermit habits die hard,
but tacos?
those die even harder.
good food is what i want.
good times are optional.
this is What Is,
and that's all there can be;
never quiet, never soft.....

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