Tuesday, July 12


you don't want fruit flies, man.
i mean,
unless you absolutely need to conduct genetic research,
documenting trait markers over the course of multiple generations,
but you also only have like, a week, to do so....
you totally want 'em.
in most other applications, though,
they seem to be a nuisance.
for the most part,
i keep my compost bucket covered,
so their presence at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress isn't really a nuisance-
but sometimes,
i buy some bananas, even though i'm not in the mood for 'em,
and they hang out for about one day too long,
and there's stirrings by my bucket,
and the more adventurous of these little melanogasters take to the skies
to try their luck at the big brown and yellow armor around the fruit.
that's my cue to nip that sort of colonization in the bud, buds.
i can't hang out with flitting flippin' no-see'ums around my dome.
not one little teeny tiny bit-
so i did something yesterday,
and i'm glad i did, too.
check the preventative-measure-type teleport:

banana breakfast?!
that's riiiiight.
i got these soft and bouncy babies bringing the boom!!
coconut oatmeal banana muffins are what's good.
that's the truth.
wanna make your own?
then do this:
1 stick of butts, (or maybe like 7 T coconut oil)
3/4 cup light brown sugar
1 cup vanilla soy yogurt
3 large verrrry ripe bananas
2 tsp vanilla
.5 tsp salt
3/4 cup ground oat flour
1 cup a.p. flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking kapowder
1/3 cup coconut flour
1/2 cup flake coconut
one big handful of rolled oats
mash it all up, in that order,
and toss it all in some muffin tins, duders.
the usual cakey bake time aplies, as always:
350F for 30 minutes.
that's what's gonna do it for you.
oh, well, yeah-
if you want them to be expert,
and you DO doo-doo that freaky sh!t, don'tcha?
then you've GOT to throw some coconut sprankles on top.
that's the only way to go.
i made biggish and smallish ones,
in case some folks were feeling sheepish about devouring these delicacies.
i provide entry-level trepidatious trial-sized jauns.
i don't play games, neighbors.
but i deliver treats in multiple sizes.
i've got whole wheat spelt bread proofing on the countertop.
i do.
it's bound to be a dense bomber,
but i'll wager the flavor will fulfill a few fantasies.
i'll tell you something about it, too-
i added gluten.
i did.
i know that the whole grain granule are sharp,
and that they HATE the formation of gluten chains,
i'm hoping that i can get a bit more bounce if i stack the deck in my favor.
i s'pose i'll know for certain tomorrow when i bake it up.
in the meantime,
Tea'N'Toast has been upgraded these part few weeks with homemade hottness,
and i have to say-
i'm feeling lucky to get all kinds of crusty and crumby
with good loaves of luscious grains,
kneaded and folded and balanced in my own righteous redoubt.
doing MORE is never a bad thing.
i've got a plan for a series of recycling projects.
i do.
with birch bark, and broken bits of board,
paint, wire, sticks, and assorted shards of woodsly goodness.
this summer is sre to pass too quickly.
they all always do;
the thing of it is,
it's my mission to make each minute matter so much MORE.
too much is the right amount,
and everything else is a b!tch-A* thing to do;
never quiet, never soft.....

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