Monday, July 11

hard styles, slow going.

chinese food at the restaurant?!
yeah, man.
i took it there last night.
because i've been working late,
and absorbing an A*-kickin' lump-up every day.
i had no creative juices,
and there was a wait at the preferred pizza spot,
so ampy-d and i slid into the empty eatery,
and munched some H39 as hard as we could.
it's the last one on the menu, the show stopper,
the panty-dropper, the big-flippin'-bopper,
and it ALWAYS delivers.
sesame bean curd has what i need,
when what i've been getting all day long is a good old fashioned beating.
amber brought me some french-style fries at work,
and then she ALSO paid for our dinner.
what's that all about?
i must really be showing signs of domestic abuse in the workplace,
because i'm getting changed and powdered as soon as i get home!!!
i sure do appreciate a little tenderoni tenderness....
that's no joke.
i also appreciate that i can count on crabtree to take away the cares of the day
even though it's usually by destroying something in the night.
look at this face:
shark-bullet butthead battle-beast business is written all over it!!!
he just wants my undivided, concentrated, all-encompassing attention
focused on pulling, tugging, chasing, scratching, jumping, licking,
biting, and him.
it's nice, in it's own way, to have a buddy who wants to hang out SO HARD,
not when all i want is to collapse in a heap,
wallow in the salty bloat of an americanized asianesque tofu hoard,
and take it easy, even for just eleven minutes of slower pace.
he's always ready to remind me to turn that weak sauce right the F* off.
too much is the right amount,
and slowing down is the same as b!tching out.
my crocogator missile monster knows the rules,
and he keeps me from dipping down below the approved levels of expertism.
i've got safeguards in place, on four legs, getting right up in my face, 
equipped with sharper teeth for all the lack of hands on hand,
and there's a constant reminder, in barky barking bits and bytes,
that loud fresh hardness is all that's ever invited 
to the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress;
...and just because i didn't cook,
doesn't mean it's a night OFF.
in fact,
the OFF switch is broken,
and we're a pair of tempestous, temeritous, tenacious, temperant tantric 
temper-tantrum terrors taking it back up to eleven,
even in the throes of a glutamatey aftermath of dinnery doo-doo butter.
work is pretty much aptly named.
the days are long;
the styles are hard;
the nights are devoid of the sleepytime oblivion i'd probably enjoy,
if only i could just taste it for a second;
the dog?
he's exactly what i signed up for.
it's ALL really happening,
and there's likely to be more of it before too long.
always the harder way,
always heavy,
always deafening in deeds, indeed,
and speaking volumes in action,
without the stillness of empty words.
this is it;
never quiet, never soft.....

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