Thursday, July 28

dawn til dusk

from sun-up to after dark,
we ate.
and we ate.
and we ate.
...that's right.
yesterday was productive and lazy all at once,
and all the while,
as we spanned space and time in the woodsly goodness together,
we punctuated each point with piles of food.
before everybody else got up, i was baking all the bread,
and stirring the batter for all the cake,
and crushing a pastry doughball for all the pie,
as well as melting chocolate for a whole bunch of stuff-
my motivated mealtime mind was multitasking beyond baked greatness,
into the realm of panniecakin' powerhouse breakfast burliness.
on wednesdays, when all of us are all together,
(which just so happened to be the case yesterday)
we eat flapjacks by the stack.
check the brekkie-type teleport:

oatmeal-coconut is were we're at,
but these mama-jamas also have whole wheat sourdough, and spelt!
obviously. there's vanilla in there, too.
i mean,
they're still panCAKES, man.
sliced strawberries, powdered sugar, AND real maple syrup complete the look,
and activate a level of tastiness that transcends mere griddlers,
and raises the bar to eleven as the base number to begin at.
we got seitan bacon, from those fellas at upton naturals,
and it tastes a whole lot like every pretend bacon you've ever bought.
we ate it,
it did it's job,
and nobody complained about it.
those field roast sausages, though?
they taste almost grossly like sausages, just smoother.
as the meals become more intentional, and independent,
our do-it-ourselves attitude has kind of taken away from all the store-bought stuff.
new vegans, lazy vegans, convenience vegans,
and most of all, city vegans, (who are SO the worst ones)
all love having their foodstuffs handed right over.
woodsly goodfellows, however, seem to want to work it our on their own.
there's something about making stuff,
about inventing things,
about ACTIVE participation, rather than presumptive spectating,
and about creative intention, above self-obsessed possessing,
that speaks to the worthiest of warrior poets.
i'm not saying you're a bad egg for taking the easy way.
(eggs are gross, anyway)
and besides,
i just ate those pretenders for breakfast, too-
i'm just asserting that a little exxxtra efforts yields more satisfying results
in the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress test kitchen.
speaking only for the isolated experts in the hermitage of these hills,
the 'cakes were the highlight,
and they sure as sh!t weren't box mix.
and while we're talking about it-
check the white-mountain-white-sour-dope-type teleport:

my early morning rising has been molto productive.
the bread situation in this place is bangin' off the hinges,
and i have to tell you-
i LOVE baking these luscious, crusty loaves of sourdough bread.
this one's got low hydration and extra gluten,
plus i gave it a loooong, slow cold proof,
after a high-temperature, high-humidity. super-sized summery bulk ferment.
the starter ebbs and flows,
so sometimes, it's very excited to be here,
and others, it needs a little more motivation to get going.
the yeasts were cooperating this time around,
and suddenly,
i've got oven spring, big bubbles in the crumb,
and a loaf of new hottness that's about the best one yet.
i've got coarse whole grain rye tossed into a sprouted whole wheat/oatmeal dough.
it's a complicated ratio of grains, with salt, and extra gluten stashed in there,
to infiltrate and activate and otherwise elevate the chains of breadsly bounce
into a coherent unit of new hottness.
like i said,
a little exxxtra effort, friends.
that's all it takes.
i already told you up top-
we ate all the crap we could.
the thing of it is,
we really really truly actually did just that-
chips, weird vegan licorice, popcorn, ice creams, other chips, berries, bread,
our patented broth-boiled ghetto 'ronis, with tofu, pickles, and cake-
too much is the right amount,
and we don't just talk about,
we're ALL about it.
a whole day of family togetherness,
as a team,
appreciating the bounty and the beauty of these mountains and streams.
it's all really happening, and when we're all together,
bellies full of pancakes,
hearts full of love,
and skin soaked in sunlight?
it's all expert, and it's all ours;
never quiet, never soft.....

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