Sunday, July 3


my gluten levels are STRONG.
no joke.
we smashed down a whole loaf of all-white sourdough.
from-scratch baking is good for the soul,
and much much more than that for your mouth and stomach.
real talk.
i got the treats i ordered, and i immediately put 'em to good use.
one deluxe white loaf of heroic wheaten wonder,
made from a secondary starter,
split off and evolved from the nicaraguan gift i got a few weeks back!
that's kind of expert, isn't it?
four cups of flour,
one and a splashy splash cups of warm water,
coarse sea salt,
and that active leaven,
eating up all the starchy sugars and converting them to aerated energy.
i'm so glad my homeboy travis broke me off a piece of his chef.
check the whit-mountain-white-type teleport:

my new braided breadmaking basket is dope.
that's for serious.
i got the bannetons to big-up my big action, and leave those floury spirals
of delicately indented deliciousness in that crawnchy crumb!!!
i wanted more oven spring,
and i bot more oven spring.
i'm happy with what i've turned out so far,
and we've been munching it up like starved savages-
i'm eager to really make some magic happen up in here sooner than later.
i also just received light and dark rye flours,
so some old-timey bread&puppet hottness is likely to show up
at the Folk Life & Liberty proofing block before long, as well.
i sure do love activities that reward the obsessive hyperfixated attention
i'm prepared to inflict on this new addition to the woodsly goodness.
in other news,
today is the day.
well, yeah,
it's true that they all are.
today is the first day in years that i'm excited to go to work.
...i mean it.
the tattoos are zero percent more rad than usual-
in fact,
there's a decent likelihood that they won't be very rad at all-
i don't even remember specifically what's on the schedule,
just that there is a whole lot of it.
i'm more concerned with who is on the work-side of the schedule.....
it's a much shorter list than it was in june, dudes.
the thing is,
all the worst parts of the job,
beyond the bad ideas and low budgets,
are gone!
y'ever go to work, and everyone else called in sick,
and you just knew it was gonna be the best day ever?
it's kinda like that, except from here on,
that's every day.
today came right when it should've,
just like it always does,
and i am grateful that small burdens and inconveniences can be replaced
with real problems from now on.
i don't expect anything to get easier.
that's dumb-dumb-head optimism,
and i don't hang out with that.
i do however,
anticipate 100% less-terrible collateral conversation around me from here on out.
this is is.
good bread for breakfast,
tattoos for lunch,
and a sunny sunday of superior satisfaction throughout;
never quiet, never soft.....

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