Sunday, July 31


gimme pizza!!
pee eye zee zee ayy!
harvest and maple had their last night here for a few,
and we celebrated in super-send-off style,
the very best way we know how.
you know it, you like it, we LOVE it.
and all of us ate a whole lot of the tasty business we've come to appreciate
as the pinnacle of family togetherness at mealtime.
that's right, neighbors.
we had ourselves one helluva pizza party,
and the seven slices apiece that we all devoured were impressive.
i mean it.
check the last-night-was-the-last-night-type teleport:

we doo-doo that siciliano style sh!t, son.
three pizzas in one,
on the first pizza of three.
what even is all that???
from the top on down,
we have
* crushed tomatoes, custom cashew-garlic chee', red onion,
sweet red bell pepper, fried garlic sprankles, and garden-fresh purple basil!!
* underchee', crushed tomatoes, daiya mozzarella, caramelized onions,
and browned-up sauteed baby bellas!
* underchee', crushed tomatoes, daiya mozz', baby kale, grape tomatoes, tempeh bacon,
and grilled zucchini, with parsley sprankles!!!
that's much MORE AMORE than the pan can handle!!
y'gotta start the party with a banger, man.
rules is rules.
from there,
we got a tiny bit more traditional, but we also got even MORE expert.
check the teleport:

our saturday night pizza styles go to eleven.
we beat up a white mountain white pie, with gusto.
the first half?
* underchee', daiya cheddar, broccolini, broccoli, sweet onions,
quartered cherry tomatoes, and those elite fried garlic spranks!
side two??
* underchee', daiya provolone, baked red potato slices, tempeh bacon, grilled leeks,
and parsley.
the heavy chee' factor really added a level of pull,
and that really boosted our status on the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress pie scene.
was that it?
too much is the right amount.
five kinds of pizza on two pizzas is good,
but seven kinds of pizza on three is BETTER.
lucky numbers, magic numbers, and full-blown family togetherness,
rallied around these circles of spirit and memory,
straight out of our 500F degree oven.
hell yeah!
check the trinity-trifecta-of-tastes-type teleport:

the high hydration exxxtra-yeasty 10hr cold-proof dough hit it's stride by the last one.
i think that we have really hit on something good up here.
the pizza variety explosion is a great time,
and when i share it with these kids, and ampy-d;
even having crabtree underfoot,
all at once,
makes my whole heart fell as full as my belly.
we did it right all night,
and this last one really brought the noise.
we started with:
* underchee', crushed tomatoes, daiya mozz', onions,
housemade vegan sausages, sliced grape tomatoes, parsley,
and cracked black pepper sprankles!
..and we ended the night with a 'splosion:
* sauce like a boss, grilled endive, grilled leeks, shredded brussels sprouts,
and a dusting of smoked paprika!!!!!
expert expert expert.
we did it right,
and we did it together.
i miss all these people super hard already,
and they're actually still here for a little minute or two still.
we leave shortly,
and that's the way it has to be.
if you want the big fun, you have to pay the big tab at the end.
it ALL costs something,
and that's a truth too many too frequently forget.
it's worth it.
these are the times i count as the best,
these are the folks i like the most.
it's all really happening,
and as july takes it's last bow, at the final curtain call,
and even the skies are grey and weeping,
as the temperature dips for the first time in a week,
out of respect for the hottness that's departing,
i'm bracing myself for whatever comes next.
this is it, but it's not all;
never quiet, never soft.....

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