Wednesday, July 27


hey there, neighbors!
i've been pouring out of my pores for days.
the oven has been cranking away each morning for hours on end,
in the already sweltering summery temperatures-
and i'm adding upwards of 400+ fahrenheit degrees to that.
because cornbread is expert.
because sourdough is dope.
because i've been pretty skimpy on the treats,
and staying steady heavy on the dinners,
but i need BOTH, buddy.
there's a bunch of baking that's been undertaken,
and i think me and the family are enjoying the end results.
mostly because they're asleep, or out of the way,
while most of the highest heatwaves are rolling through the early a.m.
.....they might be onto something,
but i'm deep into something better,
and i'm really loving these bakers' hours.
no joke.
i've got a loaf of white mountain white in the oven,
i've got whole-wheat-coconut-oatmeal-spelt sourdough pancake batter in the fridge,
and i've got plans for a whole lot more before i griddle up a single flapjack.
in the meantime, however,
i wanna tell you guys about the big action from last night.
barbecue fuego was how we did it,
and i'm telling you- it was great!
check the barbe-kyoooot-type teleport:

smoky grilled onion and garlic seasoned black on both sides tofu chunks,
zipped and zapped with a totally tangy tomato-based barbecue sauce!
organic agave-activated ketchup, mustard powder, ginger, GPOP,
fresh oregano from the gardens, smoked paprika,
black pepper, soy, malt vinegar, molasses, and liquid smoke!!!
damn, it tasted good.
zippy, sweet, smoky, mustardy, and just what that hefty, firm tofu needed
to be taken to the pinnacle of level eleven delish.
and naturally there HAD to be some sprankles.
rules is rules.
how about those vegan-bacon-baked beans?
sauteed onions, and crispy strips of brick-colored baconical bits,
in a soft, sweet, bostonian batch of magical fruits!
that's the stuff, bud.
but, that's not all.
how could it be?
i mean,
it's family togetherness, and family funtimes, and family F*ing dinner,
and there's no way we're cutting corners on the big deluxxxe.
...there's rules, man.
seasoned curlies?
seasoned curlies?!
the kids like fries.
heck, everybody likes fries.
and i wanted to toss 'em a gimme,
as i'm subjecting them to radical vegan hottness every damned day.
fries get it poppin', and they tie the plate to more familiar fare. does that slaw.
i freaked it off with pea tendrils,
but otherwise, it's black peppery, vegenaisy shreds of red and green cabbage,
radicchio, and carrot-
basic stuff,
but definitely a proper companion to that barbecue scene.
that would've be a great meal, no?
too much is the right amount,
and that meant making maple-sweetened cornbread for our faces, too!
MORE stuff to stuff ourselves with is how we make it work around here.
for really real-
only the hottest hottness is welcome to sit at supper with us.
today is the family day off together.
there will be food in preposterous portions,
blown out of all proportion,
performed by this troupe of true-story tellin' troopers,
as well as a whole helluva big time span of hang-outs and walkabouts.
we're making some magic today,
as soon as the rest of these sleepy petes wake the eff up.
i'm ready and waiting, and raring to go-
we'll see how the gang likes THAT when their little eyelids lift.
for even one small second of awareness,
im 'bout to bring the loud fresh hardness, because time's not allowed to be a-wastin'.
not here in the woodsly goodness,
not at the Folk Life & Liberty Fortress,
and sure-as-sh!t not while i'm rockin' this kitchen like an albie rock block party.
and an albie rock block party don't stop (or start) with weak sauce.
wordimus prime.
today is the day,
and it's GOT to be great;
never quiet, never soft.....

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